Cyber Security Awareness Program

Digital transformation requires a re-evaluation of your security strategy. A holistic and linear security approach versus an exponential evolution of technologies facilitates the work of criminals. To protect your enterprise, technological solutions are no longer sufficient. Instead it is important to focus on people, by changing their behavior in the digital world.

Based on a strong partnership, Devoteam developed together with Kaspersky a Cyber Security Awareness Program combining four key elements:

  • a continuous & iterative approach based on the philosophy ‘Plan – Do – Check – Act’, including a communication and a governance plan
  • a gaming approach which makes Cyber Security more engaging
  • a customized approach for each sector and type of employee
  • a set of metrics to measure the effectiveness of the program and determine how to improve it

Our program is a driver for change of human behavior and will ingrain Cyber Security inside the DNA of your enterprise.



Olivier Potmans

CTO / Business Line Manager Cyber Security

Devoteam Belgium