Enhanced security for the web services of health insurance funds

MLOZ IT, formerly M-Team, is an IT services provider focused on health care. Its clients include the unattached and neutral health insurance funds, as well as their respective unions. The objective of MLOZ IT is to guarantee the performance and maximum uptime of IT systems, thanks to a faultless physical infrastructure and customer support.

The provider plays a social role for around 2,800,000 Belgians, half of whom are online, and who benefit from the services of these health insurance funds. Its teams of analysts, developers, project managers or network & systems engineers work daily to ensure the optimal computer processing of health care expenses reimbursements. For example, reimbursement of medical consultations, hospital expenses, invalidity or chronic sickness allowances.


The national unions of these health insurance funds have been offering web services to their customers for several years now. However, these were not directly accessible through the Internet. Therefore, they wanted to create a modern and powerful system, which will ensure reliable and secure access to the IT applications for managing health insurance.


MLOZ IT wanted to base the protection of its web services on the OAuth2 protocol and therefore benefit from all of its advantages: integration with its clients and access to the possibilities offered by protocol developments. The company began by choosing the ForgeRock solution and its associated products, OpenAM and OpenDJ.

While searching for an expert partner for this solution, MLOZ IT selected Devoteam | Paradigmo, as it appeared to be the most qualified on the market. The solution was developed by Devoteam and integrated by MLOZ IT, with the support of Devoteam.

Using an ‘out of the box’ approach, Devoteam developed ‘building blocks’ which could be easily integrated by MLOZ IT. Each of these building blocks can be tailored for every client using the solution.

According to MLOZ IT the collaboration is going very well and has enabled faster work, whilst complying with the best practices for implementing a solution based on ForgeRock, who is now the basis for securing the web services displayed by MLOZ IT.


  • Health insurance funds can connect to the web services of MLOZ IT by using the most advanced security standard
  • External users benefit from advanced password management and access control policies, ensuring strict compliance with standards set up for identity management




Olivier Naveau

Expert Director

Digital Identity

Devoteam Belgium