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June, 2021

Microsoft cloud & open source: a match made in heaven?

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When your organization thinks about moving applications or even a whole data center to the cloud, automation is one of the key components. Whether it concerns deployment of applications or infrastructure, automation allows you to fully control a repeatable, less error-prone, and predictive deployment that fits your business needs in all aspects. What you get is a faster time-to-market, while decreasing your operational costs. In the end, this will allow you to focus your in-house expertise fully on innovation for your essential business.

Continuous integration (CI), continuous deployment (CD) and infrastructure as code (IaC) are no longer buzzwords that appear on management slides, but reality when deploying in a cloud native environment. A version control system with integrated pipelines, accompanied with the correct organization structure and procedures, is crucial in this environment. With GitHub and integrated actions, you get the infrastructure to start implementing this.

During our webinar on Tuesday June 22, we will show how we deploy Azure Red Hat OpenShift (ARO) with service mesh in a fully operational demo application with one push on the button. This shows that infrastructure and platforms are becoming commodity, which leaves you to focus on your core business.

We’ll end with a Q&A session. If you prefer to talk to our experts in private, we’ll create a breakout room for you to join.


  • 09:00 Intro | Filip Lenaerts
  • 09:15 Microsoft cloud ❤ open source | Berk Ulsoy & Filip Lenaerts
  • 09:30 IaC demo: ARO + service mesh + application in under 40mins with one push on the button | Berk Ulsoy
  • 10:30 GitHub Roadmap & features | Filip Lenaerts
  • 10:45 Q&A

This event is made for heads of development, heads of operations, and architects.

Speaker 1

Filip Lenaerts

Business line Manager & Expert Director - Open Source and DevOps Platform - Devoteam

Speaker 2

Berk Ulsoy

Practice Manager & Expert Director - Open Source, DevOps Cloud & Open Network Infra - Devoteam