A true productive Digital Workplace

Today, most large organisations that are setting up a Digital Workplace struggle with realising truly substantial benefits, still having their master data, operational data and documents in different information silos. This results in paperwork, copying data, information exchange via manually maintained Excel sheets and email. Whereby you lose loads of time in finding the right information.

To summarise, your employees remain offline island workers, suffering every day from the Excel and email syndrome, and information findability problem. Does this sound familiar? Do read on, because Devoteam has the solution.

The Devoteam approach

Most important benefits

  • Integration between your ERP and MES
  • Elimination of Excel sheets through the digitisation of all administration processes
  • Company overview with real-time data

The truly integrated Digital Workplace concept implies that information will flow automatically, real-time and bi-directionally between all your information sources: most organisations run an ERP, CRM and Finance environment (such as SAP), a document management environment (such as Microsoft Office) and a Manufacturing Execution System.

Integrating all islands into one will make your collaboration workers connected in real-time, using one interface where they get the right data, information and documents pushed at the right time and in the right business context.

Building the Factory of the Future

Devoteam’s Duracell case illustrates our truly integrated Digital Workplace concept with the realisation of a vertically integrated digital – read paperless – shop floor.

In 2017 Duracell planned to fully rebuild the Belgian production site in Aarschot into a so-called Industry 4.0 factory by 2020. In the video below, Paul Nuyts – Industry Project Leader at Duracell – and Jens Van Bouwel – Line Manager at Duracell – elaborate on their partnership collaboration with Ometa & Devoteam to achieve that goal.

“The idea is to build step by step a digital platform where all the data from the production site comes together in real-time with information including production planning, maintenance and storage of the batteries”, says Arnold De Ploey, Expert Director Digital Workplace at Devoteam.

Do you have plans to prepare your production site for Industry 4.0? Or do you just want to exchange ideas?
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Devoteam Belgium

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Devoteam Belgium

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