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Reach for the clouds at our Innovative Tech team. Shape the horizon of technology.

Here, we bring businesses to the cloud and guide them towards a true cloud native way of working, by creating solutions together with our strategic partners Microsoft, Google, AWS and Red Hat. We also empower people to embrace an agile DevOps culture and go from ideas to results with Low-Code/No-Code application development. We focus on what brings value for our customers and their end-customers by automating where it makes sense.

Looking to build your career in the cutting-edge world of cloud technology?


Here’s what you’ll get to work on at the Innovative Tech team:

  • Cloud Expertise: Leverage FinOps & modern migrations for cost-effective & fast cloud adoption.
  • Automation Champions: Streamline processes & save time by building the digital assistants of our customers.
  • DevOps Masters: Empower people to embrace an agile DevOps culture through tools and best-practices.
  • Data-Driven Culture: Make informed decisions and set the foundations for the AI advancements of our clients.
  • Operational excellence: Bringing value to our customer base, both on business & IT side.

Become a Cloud Automation Specialist!

We’re building a team of passionate individuals to automate and optimize our cloud environment using the latest technologies.

We’re looking for people who can:

  • Design and implement automation solutions to streamline cloud processes and workflows.
  • Utilize cutting-edge cloud technologies like AI, ML, and Cloud platforms to build efficient and scalable solutions.
  • Work collaboratively with developers, architects, and other team members to identify opportunities for automation.
Start working at our Dream Team

This is wat we do in the Innovative Tech team.

And you as well, if you would join our team.

You’re the creative & innovative genius at our projects.

Cutting-edge solutions for the customer is your #1 priority. That’s what you love to do, after all!

You’re part of Devoteam’s continuous growth.

Coming up with innovative technology ideas is the name en making it something valuable for clients with your colleague consultants is your game. You see what to improve, discuss this with your team and manager, and improve accordingly.

You never stop learning and keep an eye on the future.

You catch up on the latest IT trends, read reports, and share it with your world at Devoteam. Thought leadership and trend reporting have no surprises for you.

You like working (and having fun!) with a diverse set of people.

From working with people with different disciplines to enjoying after works and team activities, Devoteam has it all.

We change companies and grow together.

Ready to work in a team like no other, where innovation, technology, and fun happen to meet?


Devoteam Belgium is not just about cutting-edge technologies but also about creating a vibrant and fun-filled work environment. Creativity, collaboration, and a touch of quirkiness come together to redefine what it means to work in tech.


Diversity and innovation as pillars of your daily work

Come be a part of the I-Tech team at Devoteam Belgium, where every day is a new opportunity to push the boundaries of what’s possible and to redefine the future of tech in the most exciting and enjoyable way possible.


Here to help you grow

We want to help you succeed. We cheer for you and watch you grow, and we are in this together.


Cool tech, cooler team

Embrace a work culture where technology meets fun, and where diversity is celebrated. No matter what your background is, we believe your skills are what counts.


Sound like something for you?

– Check out our Openings!

Make a Difference through Impactful Projects

In the realm of Innovative Tech at Devoteam, you join highly experienced and trusted advisors, providing you with the opportunity to learn from the best. Moreover, we offer you the chance to collaborate with Belgium’s largest and most renowned organizations.

In the era of software-driven transformation, Devoteam excels as a bridge builder, connecting digital islands and shaping a new technological landscape. Stefan Lodewijckx, Pillar Director Innovative Tech

Tech Expertise Meets Business Transformation

At Innovative Tech, we’re passionate about operational excellence. We use data-driven insights and continuous improvement methodologies to ensure we’re delivering the most impactful solutions to our clients and help them automate their business. You’ll be part of a team that supports companies in the transformation of their technological know-how. We don’t just implement new technologies; we work closely with businesses to understand their needs and develop creative solutions that deliver real value.

Learn more about Business Automation

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See what our Innovative Tech-ers are up to

I progressed from a junior consultant to leading a team of over 25 specialists in cloud-native solutions.

Killian Kaeses Red Hat Lead Consultant

I was first introduced to Openshift as a developer and found the platform and its features so interesting that I decided to learn more, so much that I became an Openshift administrator.

Thomas Laurent Lead Consultant in the Red Hat Open Source Practice

Your stakeholders at the Innovative Tech team.

Stefan Lodewijckx

Pillar director – Innovative Tech

Killian Kaeses

Cloud Native Platform Manager

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Stefan Lodewijckx

Pillar Director Innovative Tech