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Create standardized and powerful Privileged Access Management with CyberArk

When used correctly, privileged access helps maintain systems, automate processes, protect sensitive information, and ensure business runs smoothly. In the wrong hands, it can be used to steal data and harm the business.

Bad actors can misuse access to disable security, take over IT systems, and steal confidential data. Leverage PAM as a Service to secure your most critical assets.

Discover our PAM as a Service


  • A dedicated solution that is installed on your premises.
  • Securely store, rotate and keep credentials separate, while also monitoring sessions.
  • Safeguard, manage and monitor special access to systems across locations like your own premises, cloud services, and hybrid infrastructures.


  • Deployment based on a proven methodology.
  • Clearly defined timelines and deliverables.
  • A set of templates to support onboarding of assets and accounts.
  • A library of scripts to enable automation.


  • Assured expertise to operate and manage CyberArk solutions.
  • Our consultants have achieved different levels of the CyberArk Certifications over time.
  • Proven theoretical and hands on expertise with the architecture, deployment and configuration of the CyberArk solution and the daily maintenance and operation tasks.

Our partnership with CyberArk

Devoteam is the biggest certified advanced CyberArk partner in Belgium. CyberArk provide comprehensive solutions for various technologies (on-premises, cloud, hybrid) to protect customer environments effectively. Besides tool implementation, the emphasis on robust security governance is essential. CyberArk’s agile approach to implementation saves time and emphasizes creating awareness, building trust, and involving users gradually in enhancing security measures.

The 4 fundamentals of a successful PAM implementation

We don’t only ensure a fruitful PAM integration. We also safeguard the adoption within your organization.

1. Strategy

One doesn’t start a PAM integration without a clear vision and strategy to obtain strategic goals. Together we define your business drivers, set up strategic goals, develop a roadmap and talk about the mobilization and budget. The key is to get everyone on board.

2. Steering

We mandate a governance-body to support the service implementation and assure compliance & quality. It’s of importance to have clear roles and responsibilities. Who do I choose to make sure that what is needed will be achieved?

3. Implementation

Our service follows design standards & principles, with a focus on optimized target integration. We implement PAM and everything a business needs to get started, from documenting to transferring all knowledge to your teams.

4. Support

Through standardization and well-defined guidelines, we provide user & operational service support. Not only is our team always close, on-site availability and on the job coaching & training are also ensured to guarantee knowledge and experience.

Onboarding to the Cyberark privileged User Software as a Service

Phase 1: Kick-off

A kick-off meeting as initial starting point of      the project.

Phase 2: Discovery & Planning

A PAM workshop and an Architecture workshop including key components to help determine the organization’s overall privileged landscape and a review of requirements and drivers to identify the objectives and use cases. 

Phase 3: Deployment

Deployment and configuration of on-premises infrastructure. Walk through common workflows and use cases. Perform all critical integrations and configurations (e.g. secure MFA, user provisioning, audit services, etc). 

Phase 4: Expand & Secure

Deploying the defined use cases (iterative process): onboarding privileged credentials, securing onboarded credentials, eliminating excess privileged accounts and collecting feedback from the end users. 

Our team of Experts

Privileged Access Management Analyst

Responsible for the analysis, requirements gathering and process mapping to support the integration of Privileged Access Management services.

Privileged Access Management Architect

Responsible for the requirements gathering, design and platform requirements to support the integration of Privileged Access Management services.

Privileged Access Management Engineer

Builds and oversees the implementation of privileged access management for an organization with a focus on Cyberark technology.

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