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Unleash your data with Databricks

Data stands as a cornerstone of modern business holding immense value yet often presenting challenges in its transformation into actionable insights. Data landscapes are sometimes complex with multiple technologies scattered around different parts of the organisation.

The Databricks Data Intelligence Platform offers a comprehensive solution by providing unified experience to multiple user personas. Organizations are increasingly prioritising unified data solutions to drive their digital transformation journey. Our team of Databricks Champions is ready to turn your insights into impact.

Our expertise

We can support your business in leveraging data to deliver maximum business value. Our elite group of Databricks Solutions Architect Champions represents the pinnacle of proficiency in Databricks.

The Databricks Champion designation is an exclusive honour, reserved to partners committed to not only mastering the Databricks platform but also leaders in the broader Databricks community

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What services do we offer?

Build your cloud data foundations

Set up strong foundations to leverage data with simplicity, flexibility, and efficiency at scale adhering to security and compliance needs.

Our capabilities:

  • Data strategy
  • Data architecture
  • Cloud native data platform
  • Data migrations
  • Data integration
  • Data security and compliance

Unlock the power of your data

Align your data and organization to converge towards desired business outcomes, through flexible data governance, data democratization and composition of invaluable data products.

Our capabilities:

  • Data governance
  • Data Catalogue & Lineage
  • Data quality
  • Data democratization
  • DataOps
  • Master Data Management
  • Data products

Unleash your exclusive insights anywhere, anytime

Leverage your data with smart technologies to optimize performance, accelerate time-to-market and generate new revenue streams.

Our capabilities:

  • Modern Visualization
  • Self-Service BI
  • Streaming analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence

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