DevOps with Agile IT Platform

Transform the way you develop and release services, to reach the agility and speed your business requires.

DevOps is a concrete answer to the main challenges of applications delivery efficiency – time to market, development short cycle, quality improvement, trust improvement, cost optimization, technology adoption – and addressed through 4 main pillars: Culture / Processes / Technology / Quality


  • DevOps Foundation & Tools Transition

    Deploy a state-of-the-art DevOps foundation with
    best-of- breed solutions
    adapted to your enterprise's ecosystems
  • Building a DevOps Culture

    Shift your organization, embrace agility through small multidisciplinary teams who work autonomously and take accountability on apps
  • Software for the Digital Age

    Benefit from our digital app factories to secure and accelerate your digital initiatives
  • Continuous Quality Assurance, Security and Monitoring as key enablers

    To safeguard continuous improvement and reduce your business risks


Bastiaan Ceuppens

Former Practice Manager

Open Source, DevOps and Open Network Infrastructure

Devoteam Belgium

Filip Lenaerts

Business Line Manager – Agile Cloud

Practice Manager – Open Source, DevOps Cloud & Open Network Infrastructure

Devoteam Belgium

Olivier Potmans

CTO / Business Line Manager Cyber Security

Devoteam Belgium