Speed up your development process and enjoy impressive business agility

Devoteam helps your organization achieve more with Red Hat OpenShift on Microsoft Azure

Choose a flexible and secure hybrid-cloud environment and accelerate the development of your applications

Today, time has become one of the top business priorities. Time in the sense of how quickly your organization responds to opportunities, market changes, and user community requests. That applies in particular to businesses that develop, offer and rely on software.

“Organizations that deliver at rapid release cycles create a stable basis for funding a continuous stream of innovation at the right quality. They use customer feedback and business priorities to continuously prioritize the capabilities that will result in the greatest business value.” – Forrester.

Seeing that the applications have become the epicenter of the digital transformation, your software delivery process is critical to your business. In order to stay ahead of your competition, the way you deliver software and updates needs to be efficient, automated, fast and flexible.


Learn how OpenShift and Azure deliver value like 1 + 1 = 3

Offer a “one-click” and quick deployment of OpenShift

Thanks to the easy and integrated Azure automation framework based on customizable resources templates, you can install a fully-functional environment quickly, create value fast and avoid large implementation costs.

Enable infrastructure to absorb peaks in demand

Scale your resources up or down automatically, based on real-time consumption of your different applications, and forget provisioning headaches.

Choose a competitive ROI compared with an installation on-premise

Monitor your cloud usage and optimize your costs by moving applications effortlessly to the most cost-efficient environment. Tune your costs perfectly to your business growth.

Enable DevOps and empower your development team

Hand your development team a catalogue of customizable development stacks – based on container images – that are installed with a single click through a self-service portal.

Build, Integrate, Test and Run applications without the infrastructure team

Create a customized pipeline for your development process, in which building applications is simplified, testing is automated and application dependencies are containerized to ensure optimal speed.

Enjoy the freedom of open source and avoid vendor lock-in

OpenShift is a well-supported, enterprise-ready open source container solution.

Rely on a platform with built-in security

and countless tools and best practices for identity governance, compliancy and data protection with the possibility to use third party products to achieve a complete DEVSECOPS approach.

Enjoy a versatile and flexible hybrid PaaS platform

By combining the Azure products and services (IaaS, PaaS, IdaaS, FaaS, DBaaS and VSTS), the third party products in the Azure Marketplace (AVI networks and Firewalls)  and the customized development stacks provided by OpenShift, you can enjoy a powerful, scalable and highly efficient platform for application development and management.

Discover the benefits of open source containers on a scalable cloud platform

OpenShift on Azure is more than just a way to speed up and optimize your development process. It will boost your agility, shorten your time-to-market and help you to optimize costs.

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Where we create value


Design, build, test and deploy applications faster, with less effort and without the intervention of the infrastructure team. Keep improving them by relying on continuous delivery and continuous integration capabilities. Package microservices and modern applications with their dependencies in containers and deploy them anywhere.


Streamline your development process, break the silos of building, testing and deployment and increase efficiency and collaboration between development and operations teams. Simplify moving applications around, without having to rebuild them.


Scale your containerized applications and services across hybrid and multi-cloud environments that span public and private cloud infrastructure, allowing you to choose and change where you run enterprise workloads. Deploy them across physical and virtual machines in any cloud environment, with great speed and optimal performance.


Gain insight in the bits and bytes of OpenShift on Azure

Are you interested in how Containers and Cloud can revolutionize the way you develop software, and the way your developers and operations work together?

How Devoteam became its own first reference

Devoteam loves cloud and has a team of ten developers that builds custom software for internal use and for clients. So we decided to roll out a state-of-the-art environment with OpenShift containers on Azure to revolutionize our own developing process.

Read how we experienced the benefits and challenges of this compelling solution first hand!

“I think the biggest game-changer is the improved continuity. Now we can continuously improve our applications with great speed, less resources and practically no impact on functionality.”

Olivier Potmans
Operational Director at Devoteam Belgium



Filip Lenaerts
Practice Manager Open Source & Network Infrastructure Devoteam Belgium
Joey Bergen

Practice Manager
Microsoft Cloud Infrastructure
Devoteam Belgium