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Meet Thomas Laurent: Lead Consultant in the Red Hat Open Source Practice

Hi, who are you?

Hi, I’m Thomas, lead Consultant at Devoteam in the Red Hat Open Source Practice, which is part of the Innovative Tech team. I was first introduced to Openshift as a developer and found the platform and its features so interesting that I decided to learn more, so much that I became an Openshift administrator.

What is your role at Devoteam?

I’m a Lead Consultant in the Red Hat Opensource practice and I am mostly working with Openshift.

How long did you work at Devoteam? 

I have worked at Devoteam for 1 year now.

Did you change roles while being at Devoteam?

No, not at the moment.

Which projects did you work on so far?

I worked on different projects for BICS, FN Herstal and DHL.

The first month at a new company is always special – what was your experience during your first month?

I quickly felt that I was part of a team: from the very beginning I was involved in several projects and discussions and always had someone to reach out to when facing an issue. I was also very pleased with the training opportunities that were made available from the get-go in a wide range of fields.

You must have some experience with technology. What is the favourite technology you have worked with so far?

No surprise here: Openshift. The platform can be defined as an opinionated distribution of Kubernetes, but it offers so much out of the box (to name a few: logging, operator and platform upgrade, security, ci/cd pipelines even virtualization management, etc.), greatly improving the experience of the admins and developers and speeding up the transition for organisations to a Cloud Native paradigm.

To finish off – what are the most important skills you need for your position?

The willingness to continuously learn is very important I think as there is so much new features, concepts, and needs (for example: the support for AI models and AI-enabled applications, the development of Internal Developer Platform also). Also being a team player and willing to dive deep when trying to solve a problem will take you a long way.

Thanks, Thomas!