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From manual to digital, in standardized perfection.

As a ServiceNow Elite partner, we make IT workflows, work better

At Devoteam, we specialize in IT Service Management (ITSM), Customer Service Management (CSM) and ServiceNow and we have built up extensive expertise in developing versatile, effective building blocks like CMDB and service catalogue. This allows us to streamline workflows, optimize IT operations or to implement DevOps processes with great ease and efficiency. ServiceNow integrations are a special source of pride for our developers.

With ServiceNow, processes that took days and left a huge paper trail can now be simplified, digitized and automated using standard building blocks, low-code best practices and frameworks. The application of these building blocks also stretches well beyond IT. These standardized frameworks can also help you automate and streamline other departments like HR, finance or facilities.

Our experts will gladly help you modernize all of your IT processes, and tune them to your business needs. That means you can achieve major gains in IT workflows – from gaining real-time visibility in asset management to speeding up security response time, creating new valuable insights from raw and scattered data or optimizing cost in IT operations.

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Why ServiceNow for ITSM and process innovation?

Tried, tested, standardized

ServiceNow is built on best practices, standards and frameworks that will allow you to build reliable solutions with great speed.

Continuous innovation

With an ever-expanding library of applications and use cases, ServiceNow is becoming the platform to rule them all.

Certified & compliant

By adhering strictly to a wide range of standards and certifications, ServiceNow solutions are compliant by design.

Versatile & easy to use

Using no-code practices and modular building blocks, it is fairly easy to build, integrate and streamline processes and apps with ServiceNow.

Our experts

Arnaud Delcroix

Practice Manager IT 4 Business & ServiceNow, Devoteam Belgium

Julien Sansotero

ServiceNow Business Manager, Devoteam Belgium

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