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SEDE Veolia achieves unprecedented efficiency with AWS cloud and IOT

The snapshot


Immediate results ensuring operational staff save time on daily tasks


Unparalleled synergy between management, IT department, and service providers


Better decision making through data analysis

The challenge

Sede Veolia specializes in multi-channel processing of both organic and mineral waste. With few resources and skills in data center management, they looked to us to increase security and accessibility.

Reducing the monitoring of applications was also a goal. It was critical to collect data from the machines in real-time, as well as process data and analyze it using IoT and AWS so that decision making in the field could improve.

The solution

The solution came in the form of real-time data collection. There are 30-150 indicators per machine allowing the operator to control it in the most efficient way possible, 

Empowering Sede Veolia users with the invaluable ability to securely work from anywhere at any time using any application needed, the results were undeniable.

With the clear benefit of user accessibility came a staggering boost in efficiency.

The better change

Centralizing previously recorded and new data

Using real-time analysis of everything that happens at the methanizer level

Increasing systemic security

The Devoteam Revolve team is competent, available, and has made good progress in a short time. We appreciated this ability to mobilize teams quickly, and to obtain results that met our expectations.