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Devoteam Partner Elite ServiceNow

For ServiceNow, a Partner is a technological ally that adds value to the use of the platform and is distinguished by being an expert and having a team of certified people who work hand in hand with ServiceNow to achieve the success of the clients.

Once the company decides to implement the platform correctly and take advantage of the capabilities of the IT, Customer, Employee and Creator Workflows modules, it is time to look for a partner that provides all the experience and trust that the project will be successful.

List of items to choose a ServiceNow partner

  • Partnership Level
  • Number of certifications and experience
  • CSAT
  • Geographic coverage level
  • Implementation Services (Professional Services)

ServiceNow Partner Levels

The list of partners includes:

  • Specialist: They are partners that specialize in a few business units (1 or 2)
  • Premier: They specialize in more than 2 ServiceNow modules and have a presence in their region
  • Elite: We are partners with high experience and specialization in more than 5 modules and an international presence

At Devoteam we are proud to have the recognition of Partner Elite Global, we have a presence in 18 countries and more than 25 years of experience in digital transformation and workflow automation.

With more than 1,000 clients globally, Devoteam is considered a strategic ally and partner of ServiceNow, exceeding the expectations of our business partners and meeting their digital transformation challenges.

ServiceNow Certifications

ServiceNow certifications are:

  • System Administrator (CSA)
  • Application Developer (CAD)
  • Implementation Specialist (CIS)
  • Application Specialist (SUITE)
  • Expert Programs (CMA and CTA)

ServiceNow Certification Types

One of the indicators to choosing a reliable ServiceNow partner that supports business operations is the degree of certification and experience

Devoteam has a team of more than 500 certified people globally who provide support to 4 continents in 18 countries, Europe, America, Asia and Africa.

Only in Mexico, we have a dedicated team with more than 25 certified members and the support of two centres of excellence located in Prague and Ostrava (Czech Republic)

ServiceNow Implementation Partner

It is a partner with the skills, experience, resources and services available to implement, configure and manage a ServiceNow solution at its different business levels.

ServiceNow Implementation Specialist

A partner that has the specific knowledge for each Now Platform module and the skills to configure, implement and maintain it.

Devoteam has in its ranks a global team of: 

  • 1 Certified Master Architect (CMA)
  • 4 Certified Technical Architects (CTA)
  • +70 Customer Service Management (CSI & SUITE)
  • +15 GRC (CIS)
  • +60 HR Service Delivery (CIS & SUITE)
  • +20 ITAM (CIS)
  • +50 ITOM (CIS)
  • +170 ITSM (CIS & SUITE)
  • +60 Now Platform Engine (CIS & CAD)
  • +18 Security Operations (CIS)
  • +40 SPM (CIS)

Without a doubt, it places us in a position where regional and transnational companies trust us as strategic business allies to improve their technological competitiveness. Our global CSAT satisfaction rating is 4.49

ServiceNow Services – Devoteam


We advise on the use of the ServiceNow platform through workflows in order to achieve your business goals.

  • Projects: project management, including supervision of platform development projects and support in implementing the Now Platform.
  • Training: ServiceNow provides certifications that accredit Now Platform experts, and Devoteam provides training to meet ServiceNow certifications.
  • COE (Centers of Excellence): Let us manage your IT operations to focus on achieving higher business goals. Rely on our communities of certified experts to provide you with ServiceNow platform implementation and management capabilities.

Servicenow managed services

  • Platform Adoption: Connect employees, departments, and partners to enable direct interaction with customers and deliver a unified experience within the ServiceNow platform
  • Continuous Improvement.- We help our clients rethink processes and workflows, and let our experts do the work, in order to increase business agility and unlock productivity by providing better services to employees and customers.
  • Time and Materials: Agile practices gave rise to a different and more flexible way of managing projects and estimating the time and resources needed to carry them out.
  • ServiceNow platform management: Proficiency in platform administration, skills and knowledge required to manage configuration, implementation and maintenance
  • Assessment: Analysis of the platform at the configuration, operational and business levels, which allows improving workflows to optimize the use of the platform through best practices

Knowledge ServiceNow

Devoteam stands out for being ServiceNow Global Elite Partner, relying on the capabilities and knowledge of using the platform in all modules

  • IT
  • Customer Management
  • HR
  • Creator Workflow