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A secure and user-centric solution, focused on continuous improvement.

Cybersecurity as a mindset

Together with digital transformation, there’s a wave of inventive technologies that disrupt different market sectors. Companies are forced to develop new business models and to quickly adjust their internal and external technical & business processes to be more efficient and smarter.

Besides the flexibility and agility, these ingenious platforms also introduce new concepts such as the volatility of IT assets, which complexifies the work of a Chief Information Security Officer. Using a linear approach to mitigate the risk is not enough anymore. That’s why it’s time to reshape your way of working.

By putting data and its qualification (confidentiality – integrity – availability – traceability) in the centre of the security strategy, Devoteam proposes an innovative and customised approach to improve your security posture. The final objective is finding the perfect balance between resistance – minimise the risk of an incident – and resilience – minimise the impact of the incident.

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Our iterative methodology.

To align with new drivers of digital transformation – agility, flexibility and time to market – Devoteam believes in an iterative methodology that follows security standards and continuously improves your security posture. We focus on optimising the security posture of your Platform and ingraining the security mindset at the start of each Process. All the while we ensure a mindset change for all People: employees, clients, partners and stakeholders.

What we do. The core components of our cybersecurity portfolio

Governance, risk & compliance

We follow different regulations like ISO27001, ISO27005, ISO22301, GDPR and EBIOS. We help you to define an overall set of rules, practices, and standards. Next to that, we assess the level of risks of your information systems. We provide decision makers a clear view of security so they can take pragmatic and appropriate decisions. Finally, we continuously improve the effectiveness of processes and procedures.

Identity & Access Management

Our IAM fabric will become the catalyser of your business, by combining identity lifecycle management, a frictionless authentication experience, multiple authorisation engines and threat analytics.

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Privileged Access Management

Our PAM team helps you to secure your most critical assets – to strongly reduce your risk profile towards malicious intrusions.

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Enforce & control

Minimise the risk of a security incident, and increase your resistance. We live in a world driven by technology, followed by exponential growth generating shadow IT and erosion of common defences. Devoteam builds a security posture based on strong foundations: combining the IAM Fabric & automatic CMDB and progressively reach a zero-trust model.

Detect, response & recover

Limit the impact of a security incident, and boost your resilience. We minimise the impact on the three Ps (Platform, Process, People) by detecting incidents and responding to them as quickly as possible. Thanks to our mastering of automation, we can also recover the initial state of your IT.

Looking for ways to improve your cybersecurity, from A to Z? Implementing effective cybersecurity measures is particularly challenging today because there are more devices than people, and attackers are becoming more innovative. With a user-centric solution, focused on continuous improvement, our team will gladly help you to secure your entire business.

Ine Segers

Business Line Manager Cybersecurity

Ine manages our Cybersecurity division.

Success stories. Every cybersecurity requirement is different. Discover how these companies used cybersecurity to meet – and move beyond – their business goals.

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News & insights. The world of cybersecurity is always evolving. Keep up to date with the latest news and insights.


DevoTalk – Making Zero Trust a reality

Today, responding to a cyber crisis or security threats is for most organizations very chaotic. How can you prepare yourself in the best way? Which structure, tools and governance needs to be installed to become a truly resilient organization? 

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