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The world runs on ServiceNow, and we wholeheartedly agree. By joining us, you’ll have a unique opportunity to help companies across EMEA transform and improve their operations. Together, we can make work simpler and more efficient.

We operate across a range of sectors, covering everything from the public sector to logistics, and industry. The versatile ServiceNow platform provides tailored solutions for each sector.

Comprehensive Solutions with ServiceNow

We apply ServiceNow, to streamline and automate processes across multiple industries and specialise in several domains. Our solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate and improve efficiency. Our N Platform portfolio includes various workflow types such as IT, customer, HR and employment, security, and enterprise management. And with our low-code application building solutions, customers can create their own custom applications.

At N Platform we streamline and optimise workflows while maintaining a holistic perspective. By integrating essential components in one integrated solution, we empower our clients to enhance their service delivery, customer experiences, and boost overall productivity.



Enterprise service management
Embrace change with every department creating value together.

Employee workflows
Boost recruitment and retention with a better employee journey.

Transform the impact, speed, and delivery of IT.

Automate and control security and compliance processes.

Customer workflows
Enable excellent customer experiences and satisfaction.

Build mission-critical apps quickly.

N Platform in Belgium

Operating as a Startup-Sized Company Within an International Network Organization.


As the number one ServiceNow partner in Belgium, we are among the largest players in the region. Our local N Platform team consists of over 40 people, but we are part of the larger Devoteam group in EMEA, which includes 800 ServiceNow experts.


A Multicultural Team

Our team comprises professionals from various nationalities, with over 13 languages spoken, and diverse backgrounds and profiles. We have specialists in different ServiceNow domains and our capabilities extend beyond the usual. Our team’s multi-competency and multicultural approach are added value for both our team and customers.


A Strong Community

Our close-knit team is bonded by a strong sense of community, based on mutual respect, transparency, trust, and openness. You can really feel this positive energy and attitude within our team. This positive dynamic, allows us to successfully complete projects and deliver excellent results for our customers.


– Connect with Amazing People

Building Valued Customer Relationships with ServiceNow as a Partner,
Not Just a Resource Supplier


Devoteam is a leading ServiceNow partner in EMEA, having won the prestigious partner of the year award for EMEA in 2020, 2021 ans 2023. The company has also been invited to participate in a partner testing programme, which is limited to just eight partners over the world. This provides Devoteam with the privilege of beta testing and giving feedback on new features, offering exclusive training, and providing their clients with valuable insights into the latest features and capabilities of ServiceNow.


Recognised as an Elite Partner

We are recognised by ServiceNow as a next-level partner. We regularly receive praise for our long-standing partnership. At N Platform, we build ambitious roadmaps that offer the best possible solutions to help our clients achieve their digital transformation goals.

Unlock Your Potential

Keep Growing and Become Certified

Devoteam is committed to maintaining its position as a leading ServiceNow partner. Therefore, we provide many opportunities for training and development in both ServiceNow, technical skills, IT, and functional skills such as stress management and leadership.

  • Training and Certification

    Both Devoteam and ServiceNow place a strong focus on certification. We offer clear certification and training paths for our team members tailored to their individual needs, including quick adoption of new releases and certification on new technologies. The N Platform Academy, which is a joint initiative with the Devoteam office in Luxembourg, is available for junior profiles that offers a blend of remote and on-site training in multiple disciplines.

  • Fostering an Atmosphere for Learning

    We prioritise creating a strong and nurturing atmosphere. Our colleagues work together to share experiences and learn from best practices. By fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement, we ensure that our consultants can stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and innovations.

  • Learning from Experts

    We have dedicated ServiceNow trainers who will help you improve your skills and take on new challenges. Moreover, we offer the opportunity to become an accredited official trainer, enabling you to deliver official training to others.

  • Creating a Positive Work Culture

    At Devoteam, we believe that having fun at the office is just as important as achieving our goals. That’s why we host a number of team building activities and create opportunities for colleagues to get to know each other in an easy-going way.

– Enjoy fast career development

Make an Impact


End-to-End Project Management: Delivering Success Across Multiple Customers

At Devoteam, we value diversity in our projects and offer opportunities to work on various projects across different industries. Our team members are not assigned to a single customer for years on end. Instead, they work on different projects, managing them from A to Z.


Together Towards Excellence: Collaborating Across Teams to Deliver Optimal Customer Value

ServiceNow touches on everything from workflow to security compliance and GDPR. This requires close collaboration and integration with colleagues from other departments, such as the Cybersecurity and Business Transformation teams. In addition to delivering tailored solutions for our customers’ specific requirements, you’ll have the opportunity to work with a diverse group of colleagues, collaborate as part of a team, and engage in dynamic projects. This diverse range of contexts provides an excellent learning opportunity, allowing you to gain valuable knowledge and experience.


An International Scope

Our projects cover the EMEA region, providing opportunities to work with ServiceNow experts from various countries, such as the Czech Republic and France. This will allow you to gain valuable insights into different cultures and working styles.

Make a difference through Impactful Projects

Joining our N Platform team means working on impactful solutions for customers in all industry sectors. Making a Difference Through Impactful Projects

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At Devoteam, you’ll have perks that will put you in the best position to find success in your career and personal life. What’s life like at Devoteam?

Thrive with supportive management 

The doors of our managers and CEO are litterally open to everyone

Making a positive impact 

Build the future of tomorrow and join one of our volunteer days

Find your balance with a friendly work life 

Get the flexibility you are looking for in your life and career

Become the best version of yourself with fast career development 

Follow your own growth path at a pace that suits you

Make a difference through impactful projects 

Work for the biggest companies thanks to our partnerships with top tech companies

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