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Fueling protection with passion: Securing the digital world.


At the heart of our work lies a deep passion for security. We are driven to defend our mission with unwavering commitment, ensuring our customers can embark on their digital journey with confidence.

We take our responsibility to help customers protect themselves very seriously, and our mission is to provide them with the most secure way forward. This means constantly staying ahead of new threats and implementing robust security controls to keep our customers safe from cyber attacks.

Stronger Together:
Uniting our Expertise for Impenetrable Security


Our team consists of 50 highly skilled consultants in Belgium. In addition, our community spans across all of Europe, comprising over 800 cybersecurity professionals with whom we can share expertise. We are known to work pragmatically, maintain a positive attitude and focus on the essentials. Our cybersecurity team is made up of team players with varying levels of seniority. This enables us to nurture an atmosphere of development and coaching.

Devoteam takes a holistic approach towards security as a core value. This is why cybersecurity is integrated into all our solutions (Playgrounds and Expertises). This requires us to work closely with other teams.


Connect with Amazing People

Protecting Those Who Rely on Us


As true cybersecurity warriors our team helps customers to safeguard their organisations from cyber attacks.

Our clients are national and international enterprise companies with challenging projects across various industries undergoing digital transformation. As a cybersecurity team, we are in a continuous battle against cybercriminals.

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Top Partners

We partner with top-tier companies to build expertise and implement premium partner support solutions.

Unleash Your Potential
From Generalist to Specialist


Our security teams work across many different domains. This offers both generalist and specialist career development opportunities.

In our team, you will be able to expand your expertise and move between specialisations to achieve your goals. You can choose a partner or topic, and advance in different specialisations including:

  • DevSecOps
  • risk and compliance
  • attack surface protection
  • pen testing
  • vulnerability scanning
  • API security
  • Azure security
  • data privacy
  • cloud security
Enjoy fast career development

Achieve Limitless Growth Through Extensive Cybersecurity Training

Tailored growth paths

We offer various growth paths, based on individual interests and passions. Our dedicated practice managers support learning and development by providing individual learning and career paths. We prioritise thought leadership and  train our people to stay on top of new technologies.


Learning by doing

Our labs and playgrounds provide practical opportunities to develop and train skills in a supportive environment. We encourage our people to learn from their mistakes and grow from them.

Access to certification programmes

Finally, thanks to our privileged relationships with top-tier partners our consultants have access to extensive and privileged training programmes and can earn valued certificates.

Joining our Cybersecurity team means working on impactful solutions for customers in all industry sectors. Making a Difference Through Impactful Projects

Leveraging enhanced security for better health care web services

Introducing the most advanced security standards employed for access management.

Boosting cybersecurity resilience

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BOSA chooses ForgeRock to protect your online identity

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Athora selects ForgeRock Access Management to secure its extranet and partner sites

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FPS Finance migrates successfully towards ForgeRock’s OpenAM platform

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At Devoteam, you’ll have perks that will put you in the best position to find success in your career and personal life. What’s life like at Devoteam?

Thrive with supportive management 

The doors of our managers and CEO are litterally open to everyone

Making a positive impact 

Build the future of tomorrow and join one of our volunteer days

Find your balance with a friendly work life 

Get the flexibility you are looking for in your life and career

Become the best version of yourself with fast career development 

Follow your own growth path at a pace that suits you

Make a difference through impactful projects 

Work for the biggest companies thanks to our partnerships with top tech companies

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