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Data & AI


The Data & AI team prioritises the significance of data in the business world, and supports organisations in maximising their impact through it. Our team takes on challenges in the area of data engineering, data analysis, data science, ML engineering, data architecture, data governance & strategy, …

Our goal is to extract valuable insights from data, enabling our clients to create tangible impact and value from it.

Turning Data Insights Into Impact


Our focus is to maximise the impact for our customers by setting up scalable and future-proof data solutions that comply with operational and security requirements. We take a holistic approach and manage projects from A-Z, starting with a business analysis and working closely with the customer to turn data into insights. Our offering involves three key pillars:

  • Building strong data foundations in the cloud
  • Setting up the right data products and tools that can be used by the business
  • Providing the data strategy to the customer, including governance and operating models

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work


We have one thing in common: we are all data enthusiasts. Our mantra is to make our customers data-driven by turning data into business value. Our project teams are multidisciplinary, consisting of individuals with different profiles and backgrounds. We can also rely on other Devoteam strategic domains to bring additional expertise to our data and AI offering.

We are a diverse and close-knit community that prioritises teamwork and team spirit. We organise regular team-building events and coaching opportunities for junior team members. Friday is team day! This is our fixed moment to help and inspire each other. For us, the job is very exciting and challenging, with plenty of learning and advancement opportunities for everyone on the team.

Choose your career path and
become a Data Magician


We believe in a multi-dimensional approach to career development. We offer opportunities for growth and advancement across different fields, and we encourage employees to pursue their own paths based on their unique strengths and interests. Within Devoteam, we offer employees access to the full spectrum of resources and support they need to succeed, while also allowing them to avoid being pigeonholed into a specific role or area of expertise.


Data Scientist

Data Science has become a catch-all term in the world of data, encompassing various roles and responsibilities. Nowadays, this role often includes applying advanced statistical techniques and Machine Learning models to automate processes that impact business operations or customer facing products.


Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning engineering consists of designing and building software to industrialise artificial intelligence and machine learning models. They build large-scale systems that use massive data sets to train algorithms that can learn cognitive tasks and generate predictions.


Data Engineer

Data engineering is the process of making raw data usable and accessible to people who want to analyse and apply it. It involves designing and building systems that collect, store, and process data. Data engineers gather and prepare the data while data scientists use the data to promote better business decisions.


Data Analyst

Data analysis is the process of working with data to discover useful information, inform conclusions, and support decision-making. It involves collecting, cleaning, transforming, and modelling data using various techniques and tools. It can also include visualising, interpreting, and communicating the results of the analysis.


What’s life like at the Data & AI team?

  • Be inspired by colleagues

    Every Friday, we dedicate the day to our team by hosting a “Lunch & Learn” session where someone from the team presents and shares their knowledge. This fosters a culture of knowledge sharing and constructive discussion, which helps us all stay informed and learn from each other.

  • Knowledge sharing across borders

    We have strong technical alliances with the other European teams. This involves encouraging cross-collaboration between countries, which allows sharing of knowledge and expertise. Through this approach, we can create a stronger and more interconnected data community, where countries can support each other to achieve common goals.

  • Working on different clients

    We offer a variety of projects and comprehensive support to help you make a significant impact on business value. Our approach involves leveraging cutting-edge technologies to provide innovative solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients.

  • Variation in your job

    Our team comprises various activities, including data engineering, data science and data governance. Together, our team has a broad range of skills and expertise that enables us to make an impact on different projects and leverage new technologies to deliver business value.

  • Platform agnostic

    Our approach to data is to use the best tool for the customer, ensuring the best value. We have expertise in working with various data platforms from leading partners such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Databricks, Snowflake, Cloudera and more. Our team works with the customer to determine the best platform that fits their unique needs and provides the most value.

An established EMEA footprint

+1000 Data consultants
+8 Countries

Strong partnerships in leading technologies

Having Fun Is Part of the Job Too

We believe that hard work should be rewarded with just as much fun. That’s why we organise regular team-building activities, including trips and midweek training events, as well as group activities such as the Microsoft hackathon. These activities not only help us unwind and have fun together, but they also foster a strong sense of teamwork and collaboration, making our work even more rewarding.

Find your balance with a friendly work life

At Devoteam, you’ll have perks that will put you in the best position to find success in your career and personal life. What’s life like at Devoteam?

Make a difference through impactful projects 

Work for the biggest companies thanks to our partnerships with top tech companies

Making a positive impact 

Build the future of tomorrow and join one of our volunteer days

Thrive with supportive management 

The doors of our managers and CEO are litterally open to everyone

Find your balance with a friendly work life 

Get the flexibility you are looking for in your life and career

Become the best version of yourself with fast career development 

Follow your own growth path at a pace that suits you

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