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Cloud Managed Services

Driving Cutting-edge Operation Excellence. As the Cloud-native Managed Services arm of the Devoteam group, we focus on delivering automation, operational excellence and support clients into a new and cutting-edge IT Operating Model.

Your cloud is evolving fast

25 to 45 percent reduction in IT cost from utilizing managed services


54 percent of EMEA companies are using multiple cloud providers


Unleash value by reconciling your business needs

We believe in a cloud native approach of managed services. One that will enable you to reduce your costs while still reaching operational excellence.

We focus on delivering a cost-effective, innovative and automated approach to your IT services. One that aims at releasing your staff from low-level tasks so you can focus on your business, have higher uptime for business solutions and increased customer satisfaction.

Our presence

Cloud Managed Services by Devoteam has successfully established its presence in various countries with more than 150 experts – tech natives that can drive your company’s clouds to operational excellence. We provide managed services globally via improvements in the IT infrastructure with the best partners – Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and AWS.

We are an official Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, AWS cloud managed services provider. Our teams achieved multiple specializations, expertises and awards. The certifications that we obtained demonstrates the commitment to deliver outstanding services to our customers.

What we do

Our mission is one that aims at releasing your staff from low-level tasks so you can focus on your business and speed up time-to-market. Leverage the power of data, AI and machine learning. Transcend business goals. Power up agility.

Managed Public Cloud

Ensure consistent cloud operations across your entire cloud environment

Managed Hybrid Cloud

Bringing your hybrid cloud operations into the future

Managed Cloud Compliance

Moving your cloud compliance to match global standards

Managed Detection & Response

Evolving the detection and ability to respond to cloud security events

Managed Cloud Economics

Drive down cost and gain valuable insights into your cloud economics

Managed Cloud Container

Management of your future cloud applications by dedicated experts

Accelerating Your understanding of your cloud with Devoteam Cloud Management Platform

Secure. Efficient. Affordable.

Visibility and Transparency

Gain comprehensive insight into your cloud environment by effectively tracking cloud usage. This valuable information enables your organization to reduce costs with our cloud managed services ultimately resulting in improved IT infrastructure.

We provide also a tool that gives you an overview of what is happening in your cloud and therefore allows you to easily manage the processes and decision making related to your IT operations and business.

Cloud Native and Automated

We provide cloud managed services that leverage automation to streamline processes, enabling a next generation of cloud operating model built on automation.

With Devoteam you can rely on true cloud natives that can also operate multicloud.

A three-step approach to optimise your cloud

Getting started

Fast and secure onboarding of your cloud in minutes!

Centralised View

Begin taking control of your cloud journey with data from every aspect of your cloud

Proactive Control

Fully understand your cloud environment and be able to react

Want a quick overview of our services?

Download Cloud Managed Services one-pager

Get access to a cloud-native and automated platform for managing your cloud environment by providing cost-effective and innovative solutions neatly tailored to your business needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Cloud Managed Services by Devoteam is committed to building and operating standardized managed services offerings that enable cost-effective and efficient operational services, which cover the familiar ITSM-based and GitOps-enhanced infrastructure operations on the public cloud as well as in a hybrid environment.

In addition to that, this functionality can be supplemented by managed compliance and security operations activities.

The offerings are cloud agnostic (multi-cloud) and cover Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and AWS.

Cloud Managed Services by Devoteam make it possible for companies to leave it up to cloud natives to ensure that the IT infrastructure is always running securely and at peak performance.
With this comes also a great benefit of reducing the costs while still reaching operational excellence. Companies are also released from performing low level tasks and they can achieve higher uptime for business solutions.

With Cloud Managed Services by Devoteam you can release staff from low-level tasks so you can focus on your business, have higher uptime for business solutions and increased customer satisfaction. Our certified experts are tech-natives so you can fully rely on services that we provide.

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