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The largest danish transportation provider boosts its agility thanks to Microsoft Cloud technologies

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The snapshot


Modernizing DSB’s IT environment to quickly identify the client’s system risks and technical debt, and the related solutionsrn


Creating a Cloud Center of excellence to Improve customer experiencesrn


Providing risk assessment and economic evaluation to ensure DBS’ Apps and servers are ready to migrate through Microsoft Azurern

The challenge

DSB, the danish railways company, was challenged by IT operations changes with long term transitions and migration projects. As a result, DSB wanted to reduce operations risks and minimize further vendor lock-in by moving and consolidating the IT estate to cloud-based infrastructure and services.

From a business perspective, DSB wanted to strengthen the ability to build agile customer-centric front apps, utilizing existing backend data, using native Azure platform capabilities, and enabling cloud access in a secure and controlled manner to a wider group of business IT developer teams.

The solution

With a mission of such magnitude and complexity, Devoteam advised DSB on four separate and levelled solutions to cover their needs in full. Together with the capable resources at DSB, our dedicated team outlined an approach consisting of:

  • Migration and modernization: processing a broad spectrum of planning and operations testing activities related to closing or migrating systems to the cloud under the Gartner 5R Model.
  • Cloud Center of Excellence: based on the business case and best practice, defining cloud landing zone policies, network and security controls
  • Application Migration: leaving DSB with a more streamlined application and server platform ready to be operated thanks to Microsoft Azure technologies
  • Cloud platform support and operations: implementing solutions that are supported and operated 24/7 from Devoteam’s EU based CoE operations center

The better change

  • Migration of workloads to Azure cloud with minimal down-time 
  • Reduction of operating vendor lock-in
  • Easier, more secure and less costly handovers when changing operations partner
  • Gain of self-service access to cloud services and platforms combined with a governance model 
  • Streamlining the entire IT environment through best practice recommendations and Gartner 5R methodology