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Cloud Reality helped Danish carrier, Danske Fragtmænd, get an overview of their IT infrastructure

The snapshot


The challenge of adopting new tools and methods and Transforming applications.rn


CMP implementation for a clear view into the possible path to CLOUD digital transformation.


Real time data helped design the transition to cloud to better fit the needs of IT, business and customers.

The challenge

With more than a 100 years of history in their hands, the danish company Danske Fragtmænd, has been serving customers with their transport and logistics offerings allowing deliveries anywhere in mainland Denmark, making them also the largest carrier of part loads in the country. In addition, they also provide IT services, among them is the total solution called ‘Webfragt’ (WebFreight), which has online booking and integrated IT solutions which offers full traceability with Track & Trace environmental reports.

Their biggest challenge came in the form of adopting new development methods and tools, while also transforming its own applications to SAAS and PAAS services in the cloud. They considered various options but lacked an overview of their own IT landscape, this was necessary to be able to build a business case for going to the cloud.

The solution

Thanks to our Cloud Management Platform (CMP), Danske Fragtmænd was able to foresee the cost they could expect from cloud consumption, as well as the costs of migration and transformation of public cloud.

Devoteam prepared a CLOUD business case with an overview of the process of the company’s IT operations to the Cloud, allowing for a closer look into the moving parts and proceedings.

The better change

Thanks to the overview provided, Danske Fragtmænd was able to assess their current IT-estate. This created a strong platform from which to start the needed positive application to migrate to CLOUD in an organic manner, without disrupting processes while easing the transition.

Real time data became the foundation Danske Fragtmænd needed to design a positive transition path to Cloud and to fit the needs that will allow for better business continuity.