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Digital transformation is here! Are your workflows ready?

The digital transformation we’ve been talking about for years has happened overnight, and even though choosing the right technology is a key to success, many companies are still reluctant to invest in it. The reason behind it is very often not knowing which technology is the best choice. So, how can you know what’s right for your organisation before you actually make an investment?

Workflows are the answer

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First of all, to prepare your organization for a digital transformation, you need an agile platform to adapt, grow and stay ahead of the curve. And what makes a platform capable of doing all of those things? Workflows. They’re the answer you’ve been waiting for. They’re the key to connecting your enterprise digitally and creating constant opportunities for innovation.

Being customized, they can help you increase the value for your customers and sharpen your competitive edge, while still meeting unique challenges for your business.

What to choose?

Now that we know what’s the key to success, you should really think about what tool is the best one for your organisation. But don’t worry, you don’t have to look far. We’ve got you covered. With a single, unifying Now platform from ServiceNow, and our expertise, the perfect solution is right in front of you. Sounds too good to be true? Well, we don’t expect you to believe us right away. That’s why we would like to invite you to see it for yourself!

On June 9th, at the Royal Danish Opera House in Copenhagen, we are gathering 200 of our strategic customers to explain how they utilize the Now platform to succeed. We will facilitate high-level knowledge learning from peers, share challenges, opportunities, lessons learned and all the things in between. Expect to be amazed by the most inspiring ServiceNow projects in Europe!

Speakers at Workflow Now 2022 conference

Workflow Now is a conference where we will be talking with our experts and customers about how did they achieve that amazing digital transformation, employer and customer experiences with ServiceNow.

A magical venue

Come and be charmed by Copenhagen, Northern Europe’s coziest capital, packed with cafés, shops, and the best restaurants in Scandinavia.

The event’s venue, the Royal Danish Opera House, will form a unique setting for a fantastic day with inspiring speeches and a meet-up area with all the important players within the ServiceNow space. After the event, all participants are invited for a dinner where they can network in more informal settings. You’ll get a chance to ask real people, with real stories about their journey in the digital world.


At Devoteam N Platform, we leverage the Now Platform since 2009 to help our customers deliver digital workflows that transform operational productivity, elevate employee experience, and reimagine customer engagement. Would you like to know more about our work with ServiceNow? Explore it here.