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FinOps –A solid framework for cost control when starting your cloud journey 

Start your cloud journey the right way: build a structure around costs

Onboarding a cloud journey can feel like steering a ship into uncharted territories. The journey promises a lot of opportunities: faster Time To Market, greater innovation, easier management and cost-effective solutions. To make this all a reality, your organisation needs a solid compass. You need to establish a clear operational model and define all new roles and responsibilities. This can be done during the journey. However, something that can derail your journey very fast is the cost aspect of the cloud. If you don’t own a solid structure on cloud expenditure from the beginning of your journey, you might end up in a situation where there are more questions than answers. Resulting in a slower cloud journey or even completely halting it for the time being.  

FinOps Framework – A Proactive Approach 

Steering clear of financial pitfalls in your cloud journey requires a proactive approach, a crucial tenet of FinOps. The FinOps Framework promotes anticipation and prevention of cost overruns, as well as optimisations (waste reduction, for example) in flight. It propels you to revamp team structures, transform operational models, establish robust governance mechanisms, all while fostering a culture that is aware and respectful of costs. 

The Role of Governance and Culture 

Governance lies at the heart of a proactive FinOps strategy. Establishing clear and comprehensive governance policies becomes paramount as organisations chart their path into the cloud. These policies guide cloud consumption and enable teams to leverage the benefits of the cloud without compromising the financial stability of the project and company. 

Yet, governance doesn’t operate in a vacuum. A proactive cost avoidance strategy necessitates a culture shift, where every stakeholder understands the cost implications of their decisions. From developers and operations teams to finance and business leaders, everyone plays a role in steering the organisation towards cost efficiency. 

As cloud consumption grows significantly, any cost overruns can significantly impact the company’s top and bottom. 


As you set sail on your cloud journey, a proactive FinOps strategy is your most reliable compass, guiding you away from the treacherous waters of financial uncertainty. It empowers your crew — from developers to business leaders — with the tools and knowledge to make cost-effective decisions that align with your organizational goals. 

The time to foster a culture of cost awareness and robust governance isn’t after you’ve drifted off course — it’s at the very start of your journey. By doing so, you’ll ensure smooth sailing through the vast cloud landscape, seizing opportunities and unlocking the true potential of the cloud without compromising your financial stability. 

Mastering FinOps: Proactive Strategies for Cloud Cost Optimization and Avoidance 

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