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IAM is now a managed service

Making Identity and Access Management as predictable as possible is our ambition. We believe that security and predictability can go hand in hand, despite the sometimes elusive nature of fraudulent behaviour on the internet.

To achieve this, we’ve configured and customised a security platform that runs on ForgeRock, a very reliable technology. We’ve organised the ForgeRock-based platform to continuously evolve with new features, updated best practices and more. Because it’s a shared development environment, every customer benefits from the latest version that we deploy after thorough testing and approval.

Later on, we came up with another innovation. Why not make the investments predictable too? Nobody likes unexpected IT security bills or projects coming to a standstill because there are urgent security issues. That’s why we have decided to offer everything as a managed service. Every customer will know upfront how much time and budget they will have to allocate.

What can you use our security platform for? Let’s have a look at the five main things that companies want when we start working together.

Single sign-on

Single sign-on (SSO) is the number one request. Thanks to SSO, employees only have to log in once and then they have automatic access to all the other applications they are authorised to use.

GDPR self-service

There are four more requests, the first of which is GDPR self-service portals. Companies with huge customer bases want to give their customers the possibility of deciding for themselves what their personal data may and may not be used for. The self-service approach lowers management and thus operational costs.


Our customers are also interested in biometric authentication through fingerprint scanning, face recognition or other techniques. This is safer and a lot easier to manage. Goodbye to passwords and welcome to far fewer calls to the helpdesk.

Single view

Another request is making the user experience of their customers easier. App users want a single view and don’t want to know whether this depends on access to data from many other applications. It’s up to us to hide this complexity and create something seamless.

Progressive profiling

Finally, companies that sell online are increasingly interested in what is called ‘progressive customer profiling’. They want to prevent you from leaving their online shops before you pay, so they ask you for as little information as possible. There’s plenty of time after the purchase to have the full customer profile completed.

Push towards the cloud

There is an evident push towards the cloud, but we will deploy our ForgeRock IAM platform in any configuration you want. The most common set-up is a hybrid version that integrates legacy systems, though full on-premises is possible too. We made a conscious decision to offer an infrastructure-agnostic solution and let each customer decide what they wanted.

Whatever set-up you choose, you will receive a complete, agile and surprisingly simple solution. The completeness is guaranteed by our use of the ForgeRock product. To get an outsider’s view on this, please read the KuppingerCole report on ForgeRock’s capabilities.

Dealing with your IAM needs through our platform with a managed services formula will help you complete your IAM project much more quickly and have it working as it should right from the start. After all, you will benefit from the combined knowledge and experience of Devoteam and ForgeRock as well as all our other IAM customers. So, you can skip certain steps in the process and avoid the growing pains that take time and money. Moreover, thanks to the shared development model you can often enjoy the latest functionality without having to do anything yourself. And there is around the clock support for your IAM platform. As you know in advance how much you need to invest, there are no surprises. In short, everything becomes better, faster and cheaper.

Devoteam can help you with Identity and Access Management. Don’t hesitate to contact Olivier Naveau via mail or phone.