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Introducing the Accelerated Cloud Enabler Suite: Helping You Accelerate Your Cloud Adoption Journey

Most modern businesses are either planning to or have started moving into a Public Cloud, the benefits of which are widely known; increased agility, digital capability, and speed of innovation, as well as the ability to introduce modern security controls are just some of them.  

These and other advantages are clear and largely unquestioned. However, many modern organisations are struggling to land the processes, knowing how to organise, and lack the technology setup that is required to make the move. That’s why Devoteam Cloudify has developed the Accelerated Cloud Enabler (ACE). 

The Accelerated Cloud Enabler Suite

ACE is a collection of tools and templates that have been developed throughout many customer implementations to enable organisations to move rapidly into an enterprise-ready cloud environment.

At Devoteam Cloudify, we’ve worked with many enterprises to help them prepare and move to the public cloud—before the public cloud was even made widely available. This is why we are equipped with everything needed to address the inherent complexity involved in full transformations to the cloud, including both the organisational and technological aspects of such projects.

Based on our in-depth knowledge and experience, we have developed the ACE Suite specifically for enterprises who want to accelerate their cloud adoption journey, with both speed and control in mind.

Each facet of ACE Suite includes everything you need to get started with enterprise-scale cloud architecture and is built to ensure maximum acceleration. It consists of:


The Accelerated Cloud Enabler Methodology

One of the cornerstones of the ACE Suite is our methodology. It is based on our own vast experience throughout countless customer engagements and supports enterprise-level digital transformation projects. As such, our methodology comprehensively describes all the processes, methods, tools, and templates that are required, from the governance stages right through to production.

Devoteam Cloudify’s Delivery Model.

For this reason, it is divided into two sections: The ACE Governance Framework for Transformation and the Scrum and Agile Inspired Methodology (SAIM).

The ACE Governance Framework for Transformation

The ACE Governance Framework is a key part of any cloud migration strategy. It addresses the dependencies and priorities of an organisation, defining the processes and activities based on our best practices and experience from similar programs.

The Scrum and Agile Inspired Methodology (SAIM)

The Scrum and Agile Inspired Methodology (SAIM) is founded on our own developed methodology and process. It merges more traditional transformation methods with strict dependencies and the waterfall methodology, creating a significantly more agile and dynamic delivery model.

Applying the SAIM approach allows us to collaborate in joint teams on smaller pieces of the program at one time. In our experience, this provides a greater degree of flexibility to your organisation and also provides opportunities to supply the right resources at the right time to the project(s). To continuously deliver value by establishing good and documented processes, SAIM is specifically designed to enable us to use an agile approach in a sequential process.


The Azure Enterprise Cloud Foundation

The Azure Enterprise Cloud Foundation is a structured and agile technical model for leveraging cloud services, in line with organisational and user needs. These include governance, resilience, security, speed, flexibility, cost control, modernisation and continuous innovation.

The aim of the Foundation is to define Cloud Foundation principles and requirements for your organisation. It’s also intended to help ensure enforcement on Azure, as well as any other clouds that may be adopted.

The process is built following Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework and Enterprise Scale and establishes a solid foundation for your cloud journey.

In terms of business value, the Azure Enterprise Cloud Foundation creates a fast way to gain cloud momentum on an enterprise-ready platform aligned with your needs. Devoteam Cloudify also delivers the Azure Enterprise Cloud Foundation so that you have a trusted platform within which you can accelerate your cloud adoption and innovation goals.

As well as the above, the Foundation accounts for scale, security, governance, networking, and identity. We have specifically developed the Enterprise Cloud Foundation so that it can be customised to fit the needs of your organisation in all of the areas above.

Azure Infrastructure as Code Factory

The Azure Infrastructure as Code Factory consists of production-ready Infrastructure as Code (IaC) solutions, CI/CD pipelines, and processes that leverage a framework for development. These processes include a combination of Azure best practices, our in-house expertise, and multiple successful customer cloud adoption projects.

The Azure IaC Factory enables your organisation to focus on solutions that deliver business value. This means you don’t have to exhaust resources by building infrastructure templates from scratch.

As a result, your organisation can benefit from the deployment of ready-made templates within minutes instead of months, and enjoy consistency across the environment, since the configuration files themselves are the single source of truth (this also enables configurations to be deployed over and over again, without discrepancies).

Plus, there is enhanced accountability due to version control (the Factory allows you to track all configuration changes and who made them), lower costs since you can spin up and down environments as and when you see fit, and you don’t need to spend money on hardware or the people operating it. This all contributes to a significantly more efficient software development cycle.

Infrastructure as Code Templates

To help reduce your cloud transformation project schedule from months to hours, we’ve created 100+ ready-made and highly reusable quickstart templates that are production-ready and tested.

These include:

  • Spoke Networking​
  • Key Vault​
  • Storage Accounts​
  • RBAC​
  • Azure SQL​
  • IaaS Compute​
  • IaaS SQL​
  • IaaS ADDS
  • Azure Virtual Desktop
  • Windows 365
  • + many more ready-made templates

The Accelerated Cloud Enabler Suite for Azure ensures maximum cloud adoption speed for your organisation

Our Accelerated Cloud Enabler Suite includes everything you need to get started with enterprise-scale cloud architecture. Not only is the ACE Suite built to ensure maximum acceleration and adoption speed, control and consistency on governance, but it also covers all bases with regard to accountability in compliance and security for enterprises.

We’ve built it, so you don’t have to.

To see for yourself how we can help you deliver a smooth and accelerated cloud transformation project, contact us now to book a demo.