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Journey safely into the cloud with your expert guide

Magnus Mårtensson, Devoteam Digital Champion, Microsoft Azure MVP, and Microsoft Regional Director, presents Devoteam’s new offering to make security and governance in your Cloud environment much easier.

Staying safe on the road to the cloud is challenging. The road ahead will be full of ‘holes’ like overspending on the cost, ensuring compliance of your services, and providing security from threats for your data. You can get tripped up by the holes, or even fall in completely. As with all other trips, one to the cloud takes good and careful information- and facts-based planning, to create a good strategy to avoid the pitfalls. Some quick side-steps to evade, and some easy hoops to jump through. Essentially, you need a dancing coach on your cloud journey! So, together let us identify the most common holes in the cloud road and discuss how they are avoided using clever strategies for eventual business gain. 

Three pitfalls are so common in the industry today that we unfortunately see struggles with them at all customer engagements: 

  • Financial Control – The first question often asked by customers is “how much?”. And the answer, “it depends”, does not really cut it. It is hard to plan for costs in a new way when the old IT budget is replaced by a more consumption-based approach, and there are many risks to overspend when you do not yet have the full picture of how your future services in the cloud can be costly. We often see that either your users are dissatisfied with inferior performance causing a poor user experience, or your business suffers when the cloud becomes too expensive and the potential for cost savings is not optimized. We, as cloud users, instead must regain our balance on the razors edge in between the two. Continuous optimization will often be the cure for out-of-control costs. It requires courage to measure your systems and quite a bit of patience to learn to do it correctly. You can fall into a hole, but you cannot fall out of one – and knowing the size of the money sucking hole on your road is your first step to shovelling it shut! 
  • Compliance – The only constant with cloud compliance is change. Every week there are new compliance updates you must relate to, and you never seem to reach a compliant state. But we work smarter here, not harder!  You must keep up to date with compliance standards and update your deployments to follow the standards.  Using centrally stored, compliant by design, preconfigured components to empower each team with easily achieved compliant deployments, helps your company stay compliant the first time, and compliant every time after. That is the way to avoid falling into compliance traps.  
  • Security – The centrepiece in mastering the cloud is to ensure you are secure, and that your customer’s data is equally secure. You can either be secure in the cloud or you are not going to the cloud at all. That is what the CSO rightfully maintains. The problem is that the security hole has monsters in it, such as the ‘Accesscon-Troll’ – granting too much access to the wrong people, and the ‘patch monster’ – that never informs you that you systems are out of form. In the industry we do not write our own OS patches today, but instead rely on our provider to deliver them to us. The same must be true for security in your cloud landscape of Azure resources. The need for an expert guide has never been more apparent, than when dealing with the new and improved security threats. We always stay on top of responding to the new security monsters when they inevitably crawl out of the hole! 

What is the shiny new road ahead? 

At Devoteam M Cloud we have the experience, and means, to empower you to arrive at your cloud in style. From years of experience with many customers, and as an Expert Managed Service Provider, we are the masters of organized ‘guided tours’ to the cloud, where we safely help our customers navigate forward. When we encounter a new customer that may have fallen into one of the above-mentioned holes along the way, we know that trying to dig out on their own can unfortunately be an arduous, even hopeless task. What is worse, digging out has an unclear goal as the monsters seem to dig deeper holes while you work to fill them.  

Instead, the key insight is to dig in a different and better way, and of course avoid the holes when you can! We at Devoteam M Cloud care deeply about your cloud. For us, doing Cloud excellently is personal, and we know we can help you get increasingly better at running your cloud estate. Knowledge is power, and we want to provide you with deep insight into how the condition of your Cloud is today, and how to better manage it! The insight will empower you to begin navigating much more safely, securely, and self-confidently in the cloud! 

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We have created something to solve your problems! 

At Devoteam M Cloud we have created a reporting package that will help you on the cloud road by collecting insights specially for you and the cloud assets you run. We report on the setup you have for the cloud now, and we identify the largest and most important opportunities for quick improvements that you can address right away. Additionally, we will show you the cloud the way it is supposed to be, by demonstrating a balanced and healthy cloud in a safe corner of your cloud environment. The best part is that you can try this package now and decide to acquire a Managed Service later.  

We are so confident that you will love what you see that we let you try it out first! 

We know how to unicycle past the holes on every cloud road. We understand and respect that each of our customers’ needs help from where they stand today, and we know that in many ways most need to become better at understanding exactly where they are on the road now, and how to proceed. Some are newer in the cloud and others have been there for years. Regardless, with our powerful, easy, expert-guided first steps, we can get you out of your holes, around them, and back on the successful road to the cloud with increased financial control, compliance, and security! Learn to move along with the cloud, and your efforts will be much better rewarded. 

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Key features for decision makers – you will get: 

  • Initial foundational analysis of three key areas of your cloud investment: financial control, compliance, and security
  • Quick and easy one-time setup to get your custom reports to immediately flow. We only have reporting access to your current estate, plus you lend us a demo environment next to it where we show you what the cloud looks like when done the Devoteam M Cloud way. 
  • 4 monthly free reports are yours without obligation. You have the option to add expert cloud guidance and an actionable plan on how to begin to improve. After that we can additionally also help you begin to make your improvements
  • Offboarding meeting to go through your state of cloud, and where improvements can be made next. 

Allow Devoteam M Cloud to become your expert guide, and we will cheer together with you when you unlock the cloud and win!