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Junior Onboarding Program

Onboarding, training and mission preparation

Consultancy is a fast changing domain, which means learning is a big part of the onboarding process. Acquiring knowledge of new technologies is an important step to take for new colleagues. Devoteam provides resources to make it as easy as possible to get up to speed with these technologies, e.g. books, handouts and access to online learning platforms. As a new employee, you’ll get to know them alongside experienced experts who gladly share their personal knowledge.

Acquiring new knowledge has no value when you can’t put it to use. In order to get new colleagues accustomed to the technologies they’ve learned, Devoteam set up an internal project. In this project we aim to replicate a professional environment, which focuses on producing a real-life application, on learning how to work in a team and on using different tools to manage projects. New ‘Devoteamers’ and interns bundle their forces and work towards a common goal.

These teams are dynamic and contain different technical profiles, such as front-end developers, back-end developers and test engineers. They have lots of freedom and work autonomously while still getting continuous feedback from project managers, team coaches and senior consultants.

As mentioned before, using proper tools correctly plays a big part in successfully completing a project. These days, many companies use an agile approach when it comes to developing new software. That’s why Devoteam focuses on getting hands-on experience with ‘agile tools’ like Trello, Kanban, Gitlab, Slack and Scrum.

Devoteam is a growing company, so new employees arrive regularly. This allows us to improve our onboarding process, based on the experience of every new employee. Our methodology allows for a smoother integration of newcomers, since communication is key in agile meetings and events. During these meetings, everybody gets to know one another while still being productive.

Skills growth

By creating internal projects, we allow our new consultants to train both their technological and interpersonal skills all while getting to know each other and other colleagues in a professional work environment. This way, we ensure that every recent graduate is optimally prepared for his/her first real project!

Are you interested by our smooth onboarding process? Check out our open vacancies, we’re always looking for great IT profiles to join our team!