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ServiceNow’s Knowledge 2020 conference: insights on day 1

how ServiceNow helps to adapt quickly in these changing times.

Knowledge 2020 is a digital conference by ServiceNow, that takes place this week May 4 – 8. It showcases different ways you can unlock productivity through modern digital workflows, highlighted with the latest customer and platform innovations. Devoteam’s ServiceNow consultant Victoria Rumyantseva is virtually attending week 1 of the event. In this tech blog post (part 1 of 3), she shares her personal experiences and highlights with a focus on ITSM. 

With today’s crisis landscape, organisations need to quickly adapt to the changes impacting their business. In light of these events, ServiceNow developed tools to assist organisations in offering accelerators and blueprints to solve challenges that were introduced by the health crisis.

Employee Experience Pack: Health Alert. 

ServiceNow introduced employee experience packs in their offering. These are available for free and can increase ROI while easing adoption. On top of that, they contain blueprints with content and configurations that can be quickly adapted to your organisation’s needs. One of these packs, named ‘Health Alert’, focuses on the current health crisis. The goal of this pack is to: 

  • Deliver targeted communications to employees
  • Provide relevant self-help resources based on employee locations and other parameters
  • Assign to-dos based on employee profiles
  • Enable employees to request help with the current crisis 

The pack contains a campaign called Health Alert: COVID-19 Campaign which includes to-dos, notifications and portal content. One of the key capabilities of this campaign is the power to refine the audience. The travel guidance video that it includes, can be interesting for field employees and sales. Employees who are working remotely might be more interested in information from the World Health Organisation on “How to protect yourself”. 








The to-dos are a powerful way to provide a calltoaction for the employee. The pack includes three to-dos: ‘Review the COVID-19 Facts’, ‘Travel Guidance Video’ and ‘View COVID-19 Helpful Resources’. These can be targeted for certain employees, like managers or employees located in a different country which have a specific set of to-dos. 


The campaign includes template for the notifications, this way the organisation can easily adapt it for announcements to their employees. These notifications can include calltoactions for videos and updates. 

Portal Content 

With the Employee Service Centre Portal, users who have questions can address these with a “Question regarding COVID-19” form or provided Knowledge Bases. Presented functionalities serve a great base for the future extension of a company.

In this portal, there is a welcoming banner where users can scroll through the latest updates. Additionally, there is a video available on what to expect from the World Health Organisation. You can easily access further details provided by an employer just in one click on the banner. In case of questions regarding the health crisis, users can easily submit their inquiries to a proper response team and ensure that this type of service will be prioritised and done according to their business practices. 

more packs available. 

ServiceNow remains focussed on providing more insights and ideas regarding how to protect your employees during the crisis, and also on how to make new working experiences easier for everyone. Besides multiple HR Service Delivery packs, ServiceNow presented IT Service Management and IT Business Management packs. They are free to install with an appropriate existing entitlement and help IT to thrive in this new normal and shift to a work-from-home model.  

The Virtual Agent Work-From-Home (WFH) Starter Pack offers a quick start and templates to: 

  • Keep employees up to date on how the organisation is responding to the health crisis (FAQ)
  • Provide relevant resources as employees transition to remote working, including troubleshooting tips and guides for critical IT collaboration tools
  • Enable employees to submit tickets for help with IT-related issues

This pack consists of a set of sample topics with the following key functionalities: 

  • Addressing employee questions through a COVID-19 FAQ
  • Troubleshooting popular collaboration services including Zoom, Cisco Webex, Slack, and Microsoft Teams
  • Creating IT tickets for unresolved issues

ServiceNow provides 5 Virtual Agent Conversation Topics, which in combination with Natural Language Understanding (NLU) increases the response time and user experience:

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) topic to address questions that employees may have about the current crisis and how to protect themselves. 
  • A topic for Zoom users to troubleshoot and resolve common issues encountered when hosting a meeting using the platform. 
  • A topic for Cisco Webex users to troubleshoot and resolve common issues encountered using Cisco Webex or specific internet browser. 
  • A topic for Microsoft Teams users to troubleshoot and resolve common issues encountered using Microsoft Teams Safari troubleshooting. 
  • A topic for Slack users to troubleshoot and resolve common connection failures, loading issues or server errors. 

Employee Experience Packs inspire companies with new ideas for their business and reduce the implementation time and effort. They come at a zero price together with pre-build best practices. Many companies are adapting their current way of working and are now looking to keep the information and processes in one single stable digital place, available online at any point and time.

This blog post is part of a series that elaborates on the ServiceNow Knowledge 2020 conference. Stay tuned for the next post! 

For any additional information, please reach out to our practice manager IT Service Excellence Arnaud Delcroix via emailFind out more about our Business Process Excellence offer here. 

Devoteam has been recognised as the 2020 ServiceNow EMEA Elite Partner of the Year.