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Starting out a career in automation

How to start a new job during these challenging times of teleworking and social distancing? Louise Tierens is Analyst Developer in Automation and part of our Business Process Excellence department. She describes her first months at Devoteam.

March, slope no. 7, Fiss, Tirol, Austria. I am skiing at my best, teaching the 7-year-old behind me to make perfect turns. I am teaching him to focus, to give all and to enjoy. I am doing what I like best: teaching others what I know, transferring my knowledge about a passion I have. I like how I learned so much the past months skiing. I am getting better every second. I’ve always liked learning. It takes effort and time, but it offers you so much in return. As I continue down the slope, I have a smile on my face, this can’t get any better! But then, as I look over my shoulder, I lose control and fall. I feel something snapping in my knee. This is not right. At that moment, the season as a ski teacher ended for me. Just like that, earlier than expected. But luckily, I had a wonderful time! And there’s no need to be down as in about a month I am starting a new chapter in my live. A couple of months ago I decided to join Devoteam. They gave me the opportunity to start as a consultant in the Business Process Excellence department. Devoteam will offer me yet another environment to learn, to get better at what I like and to transfer to others what I know. And I am so excited!

an organisation that values people.

As I’m writing this article, I have been working at Devoteam since the beginning of June. And I wouldn’t want it any other way. Recently, I obtained a master’s degree in Business Engineering Data Analytics at the University of Gent. My first months at Devoteam were very instructive, exciting, and maybe a bit strange at the same time. The current Covid-19 pandemic brings a lot of challenges, but at Devoteam I felt right at home.

Do you remember your first day? A feeling of excitement and nervousness rushing through your body. That’s how I felt during my first days. I was a little nervous, curious about what to expect and super motivated to start. The HR-team, my manager and colleagues let me feel at ease right away. They introduced me to the company and provided me with the right information and contacts. Soon I experienced the benefits of Devoteam’s flat organisational structure, where people are truly valued. I was encouraged to learn, work independently and to take initiative.

a culture of continuous development.

During my first months, I got the opportunity to learn a lot and to improve my IT knowledge. More specifically, I learned about Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and recently got the certificate of UiPath Certified Advanced RPA Developer. In combination with the analytical and social skills I obtained during my studies, this certificate will offer me a lot as I can both function as a business analyst and solution developer during RPA implementation projects. It allows me to get involved in an implementation process from start to end.

RPA defines as “the technology that allows robots to mimic actions performed by humans interacting with digital systems”. It allows us to optimise and automate digital processes by teaching robots how to perform repetitive work that’s normally done by humans. In today’s digital transformation era, RPA is a very promising technology. It can provide quick and cost-efficient automation solutions to the business without having to undergo big IT architecture changes. To leverage our knowledge, I am part of Devoteam’s RPA team. Currently we are looking to introduce RPA in Devoteam’s back office. This provides us the opportunity to build up analytical and technical knowledge while gaining experience in implementing real RPA projects.


So, what did I discover during my first months?

  • Devoteam and I, it feels like the right fit for me: my passion for business processes, my affinity for IT and my sociable character perfectly align with Devoteam’s offers. Its mission to offer Technology for People is one I truly support.
  • I am eager to further expand my learning trajectory by learning new technologies and ways of working, by meeting new people and by exploring new work environments.
  • I am looking forward starting my first project at a customer. I am eager to work hand in hand with the client, to share my knowledge with them and to gain hands-on experience.


In the meantime, Louise started her first project at one of our customers.

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