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Tanja Peeters gives the highest priority to Cyber Security

At Devoteam|Paradigmo, Tanja Peeters, Business Information Security Officer, has a key role to play in cyber security. She analyses processes in order to identify and avoid any potential risks of cyber attacks. Both varied and fascinating, this task also enables her to forge connections between IT and business.

Five years, ago, when she first came into contact with Paradigmo, Tanja was an IAM project manager, notably for the Belgian government’s ICT department (FEDICT, now known as BOSA), where she was in charge of technical developments and implementing the ‘Federal Authentication Service’ (FAS). Afterwards, her role quickly changed to that of IAM governance, one of the specialities of the Digital Identity team at Devoteam. Today, she is busy with several projects, including an important one within the Anti-Cybercrime Team at KBC.

Expertise benefiting security

Whenever new projects, tools or software are developed, Tanja’s role is to set up security policies as well as to share advice on protecting systems and protection against cyber risks. Security is carefully scrutinised at all levels – for systems, apps for internal or external users, robotisation and its impact on existing processes, banking transactions and the behaviour of colleagues.

My role is to provide advice on everything to do directly or indirectly with security against cyber attacks and hacking in the bank. It’s a major project, which is fascinating and highly varied, and one where the client can rely on the expertise of Devoteam and our team of experts in this field. That’s our strength and I’m delighted to contribute to this”, she says.

Analytical skills and smooth communication

In this role, Tanja works as the link between all stakeholders: IT, the company and management. She must understand how the IT systems and processes operate technically and structurally, in order to identify any potential security errors and risks. The next step is to translate and present them in plain terms.

I’m the bridge between IT, the company and management. As part of my job, I need analytical and summary skills plus the ability to communicate.

Tanja Peeters

And then…

After work, Tanja is a happy and devoted mother of one teenager. She likes to renovate her house, work in the garden, enjoy the outdoors, and cooking.

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