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TechRadar by Devoteam Expert Insights: an ESG perspective

In this Blogpost, our Business Line Manager for N-Cloud, Arnaud Delcroix, covers some questions about his contribution in this year’s release. He explains why this effort is important, how you can harness our expert’s opinions and why he highlighted ServiceNow ESG Management Application.

  • Why do you think it’s important to do TechRadar by Devoteam?

Devoteam has always been promoting the sharing of knowledge as part of our company culture. As the Technical Knowledge Community Leader for Devoteam N-Platform, I am heavily involved and convinced that this is a key factor for success and innovation in our field of work. Experts at Devoteam are doing constant research and assessments about established, new and innovative tech on the market. We believe that it is crucial to share this awareness to a public audience.

  • How would you use this information as a client?

Our ambition is that the technologies highlighted in our opinionated guide can help organisations around the world select the technologies with the highest potential to support your company’s strategic goals. TechRadar by Devoteam is your advisor for decision making when looking at technology. Our curated list highlights the safe bets for a secure and future proof investment.

  • Why did you decide to highlight the specific technology you selected?

I’ve been following the ServiceNow ESG Management Application since its initial release. This application helps you integrate sustainable, equitable, and ethical commitments into your business strategy. ESG is getting more and more traction as regulations are rolling out across the world and investors are keen to keep an eye on ESG related KPIs. It will soon become mandatory for companies to invest in ESG reporting, and for most of them will be a first. What we want is help them select the best technology to support that requirement in the future.