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Why work with an AWS Partner ?

More and more businesses are seeking to innovate and grow by leveraging the power of cloud computing, but migration from legacy systems and siloed data to modern cloud-based solutions can be difficult and confusing. Working with an AWS Partner gives your organization the tools, expertise, and training needed to ensure a seamless and successful cloud transformation.

But how does bringing in an AWS Partner work and how can it help your organization?  

The added value of an AWS Partner

With years of experience in consulting and an intimate knowledge of AWS solutions, a certified AWS Partner like Devoteam A Cloud can help your organization develop an effective cloud transformation strategy and accompany you throughout its execution. From lowering costs to providing training for your team, there are numerous benefits to working with an AWS Partner for your cloud journey.

AWS Consulting Expertise

It can be difficult to determine where to begin with a cloud transformation, but the certified consultants at Devoteam A Cloud know how to develop a cloud adoption strategy that works for you. After an initial assessment of your current ecosystem and an analysis of your business objectives, our experts create a roadmap that serves as a solid foundation for the shift of your operations and practices to cloud-based solutions.

Highly skilled at aligning the cloud journey with business outcomes, our AWS consultants help you choose the right KPIs to monitor strengths and weaknesses so you can get your key stakeholders on board.

Innovative tech expertise

Our AWS consultants have the technical training and experience to deploy cutting-edge solutions for your applications and operations. We work hand-in-hand with you to re-think your information systems’ capabilities and build event-driven and innovative architecture and performant products in the AWS Cloud.

Our certified AWS architects can build reliable and secure cloud environments that follow industry best practices and meet the latest security compliance regulations.

Ongoing support

Devoteam’s Center of Excellence in Portugal provides managed and professional services to run, optimize, and scale your solutions seamlessly. Our dedicated specialists can take the hassle out of operating and managing your digital environment, giving you 24/7 support, enhanced security, and peace of mind.

Design expertise

Our expert UI/UX designers can craft user experiences that align with both your enterprise goals and your users’ needs.

AWS Training

As an AWS Certified Training Partner, Devoteam A Cloud gets your teams engaged with your cloud transformation journey and teaches them the skills and mindsets needed for a successful cloud adoption. We trained over 1,000 people in 2020 alone, with half being trained remotely, so you can trust us to get your people on board and up to speed.

Let your IT Team focus on core activities

Devoteam A Cloud is a Certified Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner. meaning you can trust us to manage your Cloud platform. We can take care of everything from the initial setup to ongoing maintenance and optimization, and free up your IT department to focus on their core activities.

An unrivaled know-how to help you speed up your digital transformation

With over 600 individual AWS certifications and 4 AWS Competencies, Devoteam A Cloud has 400+ experts ready to help your organization take full advantage of AWS Cloud services.

AWS Competencies

So what does it mean when we say that we have four AWS Competencies? AWS Partners earn an AWS Competency designation based on proven technical skills and customer results.There are over 30 different competencies spanning 3 distinct categories: industry, use case, and workload.

Devoteam A Cloud has proven its expertise in four of the use-case competencies: Migration, DevOps, Security, and Data Analytics.

AWS Migration Competency

The AWS Migration Competency ensures that an AWS Partner can effectively design a business-led strategy based on the AWS framework and start a massive shift of your operations and practices to the cloud. It covers everything from setting timelines and selecting appropriate KPIs to application re-engineering and information infrastructure.

AWS DevOps Competency

This AWS accreditation concerns modernizing and optimizing architecture, operations, applications, and infrastructure to reduce costs, become more agile, and increase quality and reliability.

The ability to implement and leverage edge computing technologies is also a key component of DevOps. It assesses a partner’s capacity to make buildings, factories, and processes both interactive and intelligent so that they can build the Industry 4.0 with cloud technologies.

To earn the AWS DevOps Competency, an AWS Partner must show expertise in focusing on business outcomes to automate tasks and pipelines, monitor performance and make concrete decisions to create added value.

AWS Data and Machine Learning Competency

The AWS Data and Machine Learning Competency demonstrates the ability to leverage cloud capacities and machine learning techniques to move from data insights to predictions and make impactful decisions.

AWS Security Competency

With an AWS Security Competency, you can rest assured that Devoteam A Cloud is able to build resilient projects using personalized security approaches. Our experts are well-versed in protecting your company from threats thanks to the development and deployment of a clear security strategy and also enhance your cloud compliance monitoring.

AWS Success Stories

One of Devoteam A Cloud’s clients, a prominent financial market data and infrastructure provider in the UK, used our AWS Cloud transformation solutions to improve the accuracy of their data, reduce time to delivery, and increase flow rate for a merger across multiple infrastructures and domains. 

Thanks to automation and development improvement, their teams can now query their global infrastructure estate visually and access 100% accurate data from their live systems.

AWS Professional Services

Devoteam A Cloud provides a range of AWS professional services that can help your organization modernize and migrate to AWS Cloud solutions:

  • Cloud strategy
  • Cloud modernization
  • Cloud adoption
  • Cloud integration and migration

AWS Managed Services

For the ongoing management of your AWS infrastructure, Devoteam A Cloud offers a range of AWS managed services. These services not only free up your IT department, but also make scaling much easier:

  • Cloud automation
  • Cloud governance and FinOps
  • 24/7 Cloud platform management
  • Cloud security

Devoteam A Cloud: your trusted AWS Partner

Devoteam A Cloud has been a proud AWS Partner since 2012. We’ve managed more than 500 projects for a wide range of clients, from major multinational brands like Adidas and Airbus to a boutique talent agency, The Hive.

Regardless of the size of your organization or the industry you’re in, you can rely on our team of trusted AWS consultants to design and implement the AWS solutions you need.

AWS Partner Network

The AWS Partner Network (APN) is an international community of 100,000 partners all working to help customers get the most out of AWS. AWS Partners benefit from training, tools, and resources, allowing them to utilize the latest AWS technologies.

What is an AWS Partner?

AWS Partners are companies that have joined the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network as a way to build and deliver solutions on AWS. These partners range from system integrators and managed service providers to technology providers and value-added resellers.

AWS has a broad partner ecosystem with over 8,000 partners in over 180 countries. Becoming an AWS partner gives companies access to training, technical support, and marketing resources. Partners also have the opportunity to participate in the AWS Partner Network (APN) program. This program provides access to AWS technical and business experts, training, support, and marketing resources.

There are three types of AWS Partners:

  • Consulting Partners – Provide expert advice and guidance on architecting, deploying, and managing solutions on AWS.
  • Technology Partners – Develop products and services that run on or are integrated with AWS.
  • Managed Service Providers (MSPs) – Offer managed services that help customers get the

devoteam is a combination of the three types, interesting isn’t it ? 

What is AWS Partner Central?

AWS Partner Central is a web portal that provides resources and support for partners of Amazon Web Services. It includes a partner directory, marketing materials, technical information and support, training and certification opportunities.

The portal is designed to make it easy for partners to find the information and resources they need to start or grow their business with AWS. It includes a comprehensive set of resources, including technical and marketing materials, training, and support from AWS experts.

How many Consulting Partners does AWS have?

AWS has over 1,000 Consulting Partners across the globe that help customers of all sizes and industries with their cloud adoption. These partners have been trained on AWS and can help you with everything from migration to managed services.

What does an AWS Consultant do?

AWS Consultants are the bridge between businesses and Amazon Web Services. They help businesses understand the various services that AWS has to offer and how they can best be utilized for their company. AWS Consultants also work with businesses to set up and configure these services, as well as manage security and compliance.

AWS Consultants are in high demand due to the ever-growing popularity of Amazon Web Services. Businesses of all sizes are looking to take advantage of the scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness that AWS provides.

How to become an AWS Consulting Partner?

To become an AWS Consulting Partner and enter Amazon Web Services’ Partner Network (APN), you need to get the Amazon Web Services accreditation that will be delivered to you under some requirements that differ depending on the level of certification you apply to. There are 4 levels of certifications:

  • Foundational
  • Associate
  • Professional
  • Specialty

If you fulfill these conditions, you are eligible to register on the AWS Training and Certification Portal, where you will have access to a full learning path with a variety of courses designed to give you the keys to understand the functioning of AWS products and be able to answer to a customer’s needs. You will then need to successfully pass the exam that will assess your proficiency.  

As a long-standing AWS Partner, Devoteam has a strong expertise in AWS solutions deployment and management. Our AWS certified consultants are ready to help your company move its activities to the Cloud using AWS.

Contact us for more information on how we can help you with AWS.