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Business Process Management
Build custom solutions & meet business goals that were far beyond your reach.

Your business goals, translated into tangible innovation

Specific business challenges often require a specific approach, and our Business Process Management team is built and organized to tackle just that.

While IT Service Management (ITSM) mostly relies on standardized building blocks and frameworks, our Business Process Management consultants can help you pinpoint other, more challenging inefficiencies and opportunities, that require a custom approach.

BPM is user- and business centric, and is very performance-driven. We help you map out solutions, design and test them, to ultimately roll out a user-friendly and customized automation solution that will help your knowledge workers to achieve business goals that were deemed unattainable: from cost optimization to speed of delivery, and from much needed insights to great time-efficiency.

Automation must always serve a purpose, and determining a project with a high return is often just as important as actually designing and implementing the solution itself. Our experts will take you from discovery to realization and optimization.

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What we do. How can we help you determine, design & build the automation that will boost your business?

1. Discovery phase

We map out your entire operations, identifying bottlenecks, untapped value, major inefficiencies and interesting opportunities.

2. Roadmap phase

By picking well-defined processes that stand to gain the most from automation, we are able to set up a test-case fast and identify quick wins.

3. Modeling & analysis phase

We re-design specific workflows in clear-cut diagrams, heat maps or flow charts, identifying key actionable insights.

4. Automation phase

In this phase, we turn theory into practice. We build a pipeline and workflow engine to attain the goals we have set out to achieve.

5. Optimization phase

Then we eliminate possible problems, shave off the rough edges and track down further inefficiencies and opportunities for optimization.

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Our expert.

Stefan Lodewijckx

Expert Director, Devoteam Belgium

Stefan has been part of Devoteam for over 15 year. He leads our Business Automation department.