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Data-integrated Digital Workplace

From a Modern Workplace to Data-driven Intelligence.

Today, the workplace is truly digital. Email, instant messaging, applications and virtual meeting tools are used by the whole company. A harmonious way of digital collaboration is often the final objective, but it doesn’t need to stop there.

The time is now to get more out of your company and employees. What if all data and documents could be gathered in the right business context in real-time? A Data Integrated Digital Workplace is the next step in your Modern Workplace. It breaks down important communication barriers and boosts efficiency, innovation and growth.

Furthermore, it’s the key step towards Data-driven Intelligence. Our experts will help you move from the first step to the next, in order to finally achieve one integrated workplace where all data is collected and can be connected to extract meaning and knowledge.

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1. Modern teamwork

Collaborate in a safe manner.

Today, most businesses succeed in connecting employees through a digital workplace. Communities of interest are built, and collaboration in a secure way is possible, but data remains scattered over various platforms.

2. Data Integrated Digital Workplace

All data in the right business context.

The next step is to integrate all data into one single platform. All data and documents are gathered in the right business context in real-time, available for read and write. Combining and visualising data becomes easier, which results in more qualitative actions and decisions being taken.

That’s when business automation is made possible. Through data and technology, businesses can cut costs and increase productivity.

3. Data Driven Intelligence

Start analyzing & get insights.

Only when data is properly unified in a Data Integrated Digital Workplace, and analytics are connected to action, companies can become data-driven and extract meaning and knowledge.

In addition, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Automated Actions can be used as tools to make predictions and optimise workflows and processes.

Why a Data Integrated Digital Workplace is the better way to work

➔ higher productivity
➔ more insights
➔ cost reduction
➔ better user experience

Ready to make your business thrive?

Creating a seamless and integrated digital workplace requires a lot of effort. For it to be successful and sustainable, our experts will help you move from your Modern Workplace to a true Data Integrated Digital Workplace where all data is integrated into one single platform.

Arnold De Ploey

Expert Director, Devoteam Belgium

Arnold leads our Data Integrated Digital Workplace department.

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Our success stories.

Dymo’s paperless shop floor

Label application maker Dymo wanted to become paperless. Devoteam connected their SAP ERP for production planning with the automated machines of the Dymo plant in Belgium. They asked Devoteam to digitize all information flows on their shop floor.

Vynova’s truly integrated Digital Workplace

At Vynova, Devoteam realised “truly integrated” Digital Workplace portals on Microsoft’s Office 365 platform with the low-code development framework of our product partner Ometa.

Devoteam helps Duracell to build Industry 4.0

Duracell wants to fully rebuild the Belgian production site in Aarschot into a so-called Industry 4.0 factory by 2020. Discover how Devoteam and Ometa play a significant role in their digital transformation.

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