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Software Engineering


The Software Engineering team works in innovative projects spanning software development and quality assurance. Our goal is to create high-quality digital products and set up application modernisation.

We believe in using creative tech to drive positive change, and deliver impactful projects with a local and international scope. We help our clients develop products from start to finish, utilising multidisciplinary teams and an agile, lean, and dev ops approach. Plus, we’re proud to have an unmatched ecosystem of strategic cloud partners, including Google, Microsoft, and AWS.

Combine creativity and technology
to deliver outstanding customer value


Devoteam is a leading company that builds innovative business models and creates outstanding digital products using cutting-edge technology. Devoteam Software Engineering team is a successful group of agile professionals who specialise in product management, design, strategy, and development. Our team of cross-functional product managers, designers, strategists, and developers create high-performance digital products that have a meaningful impact on the business and daily lives of our customers.

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Join the Software Engineering team

In Belgium, we’re a diverse team of over 100 consultants who work closely with our Devoteam colleagues in other countries and share knowledge across our own centres of excellence.

At the Software Engineering team, we specialise in swiftly transforming innovative ideas into reality by harnessing the power of design and technology. You’ll have the opportunity to work with like-minded individuals who share your enthusiasm for bringing digital products to life. Our collaborative environment fosters creativity, encourages innovation, and provides a supportive space for you to grow both personally and professionally.

Some colleagues boast over 40 years of experience, and others are just starting. We believe this diverse mix of experience complements one another, enabling us to provide top-quality service to our clients.

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Synergy in Action: Knowledge Sharing

We foster a culture of continuous learning and growth. Our knowledge sharing meetings provide an opportunity to connect with colleagues, discover new trends, and exchange best practices.

We’re proud of our various communities, which are created to stimulate personal and professional development. Our team members engage in regular sessions to learn from each other, sharing knowledge and experiences related to client projects, new technologies, which also enhance their presentation skills.

We’re looking for individuals who are customer-centric, open-minded, and have a strong interest in technology and IT trends. We believe in having fun at work, sharing experiences and best practices with colleagues, and continuously learning and growing together.

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Grow Your Career: Education & Training 

We’re committed to investing in your personal and professional growth. Through our strategic partnerships, we offer world-class education and training opportunities that are tailored to your individual career goals.

Our team coaches and mentors work closely with you to identify any missing skills and provide support as you work towards obtaining certifications. Whether you’re looking to improve your technical or soft skills, we’ve got you covered.

Our personalised training and career path programmes are designed to help you grow and achieve your full potential. With Devoteam, you can be confident that you’ll have the resources and support you need to take your career to the next level.

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Work with our top partners

At Devoteam, we have invested in strong global partnerships with the five top players in the IT sector over the years: AWS, Microsoft, Google Cloud, Salesforce and Servicenow. Besides that, we have additional local partnerships with several technology companies. It’s up to you to choose which partner you prefer to work with. Afterwards, we make sure your knowledge stays up-to-date thanks to extra training courses you choose yourself.


Join a dynamic team of passionate professionals who thrive on combining creativity with technology. 

We’re looking for individuals who are customer-centric, open-minded, and have a strong interest in technology and IT trends. We believe in having fun at work, sharing experiences and best practices with colleagues, and continuously learning and growing together.

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Joining our Cybersecurity team means working on impactful solutions for customers in all industry sectors. Making a Difference Through Impactful Projects

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Achieving a healthy and productive office environment.

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At Devoteam, you’ll have perks that will put you in the best position to find success in your career and personal life. What’s life like at Devoteam?

Thrive with supportive management 

The doors of our managers and CEO are litterally open to everyone

Making a positive impact 

Build the future of tomorrow and join one of our volunteer days

Find your balance with a friendly work life 

Get the flexibility you are looking for in your life and career

Become the best version of yourself with fast career development 

Follow your own growth path at a pace that suits you

Make a difference through impactful projects 

Work for the biggest companies thanks to our partnerships with top tech companies

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Axel Ardu

Practice Manager & Software Architect at Devoteam Belgium

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