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Devoteam in Belgium

At Devoteam, we are Digital Transformakers.

Entrepreneurs in disruptive technology, 300 professionals and 2 offices at your service in Belgium.

At Devoteam, we deliver innovative technology consulting for business. We are dedicated to make our clients win their digital battles.  We improve business performance making their companies truly digital and make sure people are along for the ride.

Our offers are all based on SMACS technologies (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud & Security). To serve you at the best we have organized ourselves in Belgium around 3 domains:

  • Digital Platforms
  • Digital Solutions for your Business
  • Digital Telecom & Media transformation

Building Digital Plaforms

The new digital requires a radical makeover of IT infrastructures

The digital evolution creates disruptive changes in all market sectors. Customers buy differently, people work like they live and new e-services appear every day.

In today’s digital environment new digital customer experiences, fully digitalized business processes and rapidly emerging new business models will make the difference between a thriving or dying business. Smart companies already make fast moves to outmaneuver the competition for attention, mindshare and money.

Across the globe, this evolution progressively blurs the lines between the inside and the outside of a company. Many enterprises are hitting that critical inflection point now. Therefore, the challenge of the modern IT is to understand and optimally exploit the digital platform potential throughout all aspects of the company’s business.

In this new era, each company needs a radical makeover of its current enterprise IT into a truly Agile and Service Oriented digital IT platform.

What is the essence of an Agile and Service Oriented IT?

The essence of an Agile and Service Oriented IT is to continuously stay aligned with the business of the company by guarantying the 4 main attributes:

Agility, flexibility, elastic and openness Digital service excellence Business continuity & security Reliable and cost effective quality services
Leverage the IT platform in order to efficiently manage the changing business demands in an open ecosystem. Provide qualitative services to enable business excellence and growth and to create an immersive customer experience. The ability to respond to the changing business needs and to guarantee business continuity under changing demands and unexpected circumstances. At the same time IT becomes an enabler instead of blocking factor for business in an open and global ecosystem. By combining process automation (mechanical reduction of the costs) and the shift from CAPEX to OPEX.


The key to success of implementing an Agile and Service Oriented IT as such is to find the good balance between two conflicting objectives:

Provide Building Capabilities to empower the company with strategic assets to act in the digital battle by:

  • Leveraging a flexible, scalable platform – more and more opened to the world – to efficiently manage the business demands.
  • Guaranteeing that the catalogue of the IT products and services responds to the business needs and to the exponential technology evolution on time so that the digital business can grow.

Meeting the Constraints which could impact the digital reputation of the company by:

  • Assuring the compliancy to rules, the business continuity and the risk mitigation of platforms opened to the world.
  • Proposing a best-in-class quality to your customers, a continuous improvement of your services and an optimization of your TCO and ROI.

Personalized services at a glance

To help your IT to find the good balance between these two objectives, Devoteam has  developed a catalogue of six personalized solutions which meet the expectations of a digital company.

  • Cloud Stacks & Combination: proposes different technology stacks (IaaS – PaaS – SaaS); public and private and an abstraction layer on which the Hybrid Catalogue can be developed.
  • Cyber Security: key asset for the IT platform to assure the control and the mitigation of the risk, the business continuity and the compliancy to the IT standards.
  • IT Catalogue Design & Implementation:  based on our broad experience in ITSM, Devoteam proposes an iterative methodology for the definition of a catalogue of Digital Products and Services (Iaas – PaaS – BPaaS – SaaS).  Blueprints, complex aggregation of many IT products are designed to support the development of Digital Solutions (e.g. Big data, Microservices, Collaborative platform and Continuous Operations).
  • Automation Factory: a full-service engineering and integration team specialized in the formalization, the simplification and the automation of the services defined in the catalogue.
  • IT Operations Management: increasing the maturity of your ITOM by improving the visibility of your hybrid platform, improving the service availability and maximizing the operational agility.
  • Continuous Improvement: methodologies and tools to improve the quality of your It services.

All these solutions form the essential driver to accelerate the development of your Agile and Services Oriented IT platform.

Enabling Digital Solutions for your Business

Digital Customer Experience as the cornerstone for your business

The era of connected customers

The digital evolution creates unimagined disruption in all sectors.  The connected Customers buy differently, people work like they live and new services appear every day.

Smart businesses are making moves to outmaneuver the competition for attention, mindshare and money. This is the difference between thriving or dying in today’s digital environment.

What makes a great experience?

Compelling… Personal… Connected… Relevant…
to capture customers’ attention and be present across all touchpoints including social media. to get the most of customer insights (location, preferences, habits…). to get things instantly done, anywhere. to engage with your customer where they are and within the relevant  context (work, leisure, shopping, B2B, …).


Our pillars to help Businesses building a great UX and integrate with their existing IT value assets

Smart/Big Data Development : Big Data Analytics, smart data collection and meaningful visualization in dashboards to grow business revenue and enhance customer services. Turn your customer services data in a tool, identify sources that create the value to better understand your customer, to predict customer needs and accelerate your business

Digital Collaboration & Unified Communication: Collaboration & UC realizing the Digital Workplace and stimulating work environment to let your teams collaborate, share and contribute. Building on Microsoft SaaS, Office 365 Suite, Skype-for-business and SharePoint solutions to realize strategic advantages for enterprise organizations with productivity gains for their end-users.

Enterprise Services Excellence digitalization of business processes: Addressing Business Process Optimization & Automation, realization of Dynamic Case Management solutions and implementation of change management

Digital Software Development, Digital Front-End and Mobile App Development: This groups all our specialist teams to define, develop and integrate disruptive software solutions in the cloud.  Software is key in all Digital Initiatives across enterprise organizations, our agile development professionals are competence-wise aligned with the Devoteam Digital Reference Framework to follow the global technology innovations and best practices. It includes also Custom Mobile & Web Application Development,  Cloud Apps Development & Application Refactoring to the Cloud, and 1.        Omni-Channel Development.

Open Assets API & Enablers: Open Assets API & Enablers build the heart of the SOA architecture of the digital enterprise. Focusses on interoperability among the various heterogeneous systems and business applications, creating a uniform but controlled access to the assets and business processes of the digital enterprise for the realization of innovative e-services solutions in a partner eco-system to create new revenue sources and opportunities for creativity in the transforming business market.

Engineering the Digital Telecom & Media transformation

Digital Transformation to be the best-in-class

Telecom & Media industry players are faced with a massive digital disruption reflected in intense competition with Over-The-Top (OTT) players, managing ever-increasing consumer expectations while facing the growing complexity of service evolutions, increasing time-to-market demands and profitability pressure.

As reaction, the Telecom & Media industry players continue to innovate by building digital solution platforms that provide the means to overcome these disruptive challenges. They do significant investments to realize new flexible multi-service offerings targeted to customer segments, to seek new revenue streams and to drive customer experience whilst at the same time reduce operational expenditures driven by radical simplification.

Network connectivity by itself is taking an ever-smaller proportion of the information value chain, while content, service, and product innovation count for the main business growth. As a consequence, Telecom players are moving in the content & media space and create a 360° customer experience as key driver for adoption and retention. They do so to anticipate on newest trends and the OTT players’ competition.

Our Value Proposition

Being a vendor-independent solution integrator with a deep understanding of the industry to assist leading Telecom Services Providers and Media Players to realize their digital transformation agenda.

Devoteam brings the power of a multinational professional service partner to the local market, supporting your team through all the stages of the transformation journey. Our best-in-class specialists realize innovative solutions to tap new revenue streams, measure the optimum digital customer experience, and drive operational simplification to reduce operational expenditures.

Strategy, Architectures & Design…

Helping you make the right decisions and launch successful solutions

Build & Lead
the change…
Building and integrating the solutions in the most optimized way
Steer &
Supporting you to manage the run and ensuring the sustainability of the solutions


Our Offers

We have a comprehensive portfolio of services in emerging technology domains for digital and understand the business context of the Telecom & Media industry to deliver demonstrable value and optimize total cost of ownership.

Emerging Digital Media & OTT Solutions Integration: Rapid changes are taking place in the way that people consume content. As the number and type of devices grow and the media consumption is fragmented, consumers are looking for a more cohesive experience across devices.
We are your turnkey solution partner to integrate best-of-breed commercial vendor components combined with customer-specific developments to realize the newest media solutions and continuously manage the technology roadmap lifecycle.

Media Services Migration to the Media Cloud: As turnkey Cloud Solution Provider  Devoteam migrates your Media Services to our extensible and cost effective cloud platform on Microsoft Azure Media that streams your content live or on-demand to virtually any device to anywhere in the world. Obviously we integrate your end-to-end media management workflows (from ingest, encoding, protection, monetization and delivery) and 3rd party value components to realize a seamless migration with excellent user experience.

Telecom Services Transformation to the Telecom Cloud: Supporting your team through all stages of the change journey, from strategy conception to the ongoing sustainability of solutions. Our unique mix of technical, change and business expertise is the linchpin of our delivery success. We have most advanced expertise and track record in next generation and legacy technologies to manage end-to-end the Telecom Core Network and Access Network evolution.
We roll-out and converge effectively newest telecom services, drive transformation by stepwise implementing the Telecom Cloud combining three revolutionary models for service-building: the cloud, software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV). We optimize the network load while facing exponential traffic increase and reducing cost of operation.

Automated Solution and 3rd Party Vendor Acceptance Testing: Devoteam provides Test-Automation platforms as a service combined with our turnkey professional services to target zero-fault introduction of new technology and offerings into live service. This ensures a smooth transition and roll-out, a minimized cost of defects and an improved customer experience.

Big Data &  Service Analytics for Telecom & Media: Start to monetize all relevant data sources, combining advanced data analysis with business knowhow to better understand your customers’ needs and their service experiences, to predict and target your sales efforts to increase revenues of new offerings, to become more proactive in reaching your quality KPIs and to optimize your network design.  Devoteam as your solution provider turns your data into actionable insights.