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Devoteam launches CloudOps

The managed services platform for businesses who’ve opted for the Azure cloud

Devoteam has just launched CloudOps on Microsoft Azure. CloudOps lets companies improve their competitive position by creating new digital services in the cloud. This allows the IT department to offer all Azure services immediately and securely, as guaranteed by Devoteam.

During their digital transformation process, businesses need to migrate to the cloud and take full responsibility for their content in it. Additionally, their data need to remain available and protected at all times. The public cloud platform Azure, which Gartner classified as the market leader for Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for the third consecutive year, guarantees these services and enables innovative solutions as well.

In this context, Devoteam’s CloudOps combines consulting and smart process automation in the Azure cloud. This approach to managed services, which combines agility and tools, accelerates Azure integration within businesses.

“The CloudOps offer is an important innovation by Devoteam for managed services. By trusting our Azure cloud, Devoteam contributes to the development of the cloud and artificial intelligence and puts people at the centre of digital transformation.”

Carlo Purassanta

Cloud transformation is not easy and each implementation has to meet the demands of certain business sectors. “These projects require a global approach encompassing technical as well as operational aspects. They change the organisation and processes, while IT teams are usually segmented (application teams, infrastructures, etc)”, says Mario Acebes, Director at Devoteam CloudOps Belgium. “We lay the groundwork of an efficient management system that pools the IT department’s knowledge and can be used for all company departments, including the financial department.”

Devoteam CloudOps offers a technical and methodical framework that can be used by IT departments immediately as they’re migrating to Microsoft Azure. “We’ve developed CloudOps based on our experiences”, Mario Acebes adds. “It includes strategic advice, implementation in the Azure environment and artificial intelligence for continuous application optimisation.”

AI, FinOps, … : tools for a new managed service model

CloudOps offers a new managed service model which lets organisations industrialise their integration in the Azure cloud. Artificial intelligence detects possible incidents and automatically processes solutions for recurring events.

For companies that already use the public cloud, FinOps is another important tool. Devoteam CloudOps monitors and anticipates the company’s usage and the costs related to it. This optimisation and especially the Azure usage monitoring can save companies up to 33%.

This model takes the need for good financial management into account and makes it possible to deploy Azure quickly while ensuring the IT security of the business.

Proximity of IT teams

All procedures are automated to solve incidents and identify their causes. Devoteam’s consultants help organisations by presenting their vision on how IT infrastructure and applications evolve in relation to other usage types.

With CloudOps, companies have their Azure migration and management fully under control. This will enable IT teams to focus on their core activities and new services, such as integrating big data to guide their organisation’s digital transformation.