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Devoteam launches Digital Identity Fabric

Identity & Access Management as a Service.

IT service provider Devoteam has developed an offer that lets businesses outsource their Identity & Access Management (IAM). The offer is called Digital Identity Fabric and combines software from ForgeRock with Devoteam’s services. It will be available in all countries where Devoteam operates, focusing on the Benelux, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Digital Identity Fabric was developed in Devoteam’s international ForgeRock knowledge centres in Belgium and Germany.

“When consumers use a digital service, their experience and trust are crucial to its success”

Olivier Naveau
Head of Devoteam’s Digital Identity department

“When a business wants to launch a new service fast, they also need to make sure the customer can fully trust it. That’s why they can now outsource their identity and access management to us – IAM has always been a factor that holds back many businesses.”

“Digital Identity Fabric offers our customers considerable flexibility without compromising their IAM”, Naveau adds. “They can quickly launch digital services that use the new Fabric’s identity service. At the same time, they can gradually integrate their existing IAM or migrate to Fabric, which then becomes their single complete IAM software. We prefer to let customers use ForgeRock’s software in the cloud through Amazon, Microsoft or Google. Of course, private clouds and hybrid setups are possible as well. The services we offer include iterative Assessment, Delivery and Operations packages that expand Fabric’s possibilities.”

With Digital Identity Fabric, Devoteam aims to serve banks, insurance companies, health insurance funds, government services, e-commerce businesses, utilities, media and telecoms businesses, and professional service providers.

Some of the organisations that already work with Devoteam to manage their IAM include the Federal Public Services Policy and Support, Finance, and Justice, insurance company Athora (previously Generali) and health insurance fund Onafhankelijke Ziekenfondsen. Digital Identity Fabric is compatible with the IAM system these organisations were already using.

“You can use Digital Identity Fabric to support your new services if you want to launch them as soon as possible. Afterwards, you can expand it to your existing services”, Naveau says. “It’s comparable to a chassis to which you can add parts after you’ve started using the car.”

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Devoteam lanceert Digital Identity Fabric