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IPv6 Council at Devoteam

We are delighted to host the 12th IPv6 Council at Devoteam on Wednesday June 26.

The IPv6 Council creates awareness of the importance and necessity of IP6 and exchanges application experiences of IPv6. It realises agreed deployment models to implement IPv6 technology.


12:00  Light lunch offered by Devoteam
12:30  Host introduction, Filip Lenaerts, Devoteam
12:45  Voo Update, Jean-Marc Haye, VOO
13:00  Proximus Update, Marc Neuckens, Proximus
13:15  Telenet Update, Carl Wuyts, Telenet
13:30  IPv6-only WiFi: application and OS support, Christopher Wenry, ERNW
14:00  Akamai update, Tim Vereecke, Akamai
14:15  Coffee break
14:30  IPv6-only WiFi at UCLouvain, Quentin Hunin & Rémi FLoriot, UCLouvain
14:50  IPv6 deployment in the UK, Tim Chown, UK IPv6 Council
15:05  IPv6 deployment in the Worldwide Large Hadron Collider Computing Grid (WLCG), Tim Chown, JISC
15:25  IPv6 and containers, Pieter Lewyllie, Cisco
16:10  What’s new about IPv6 at the IETF on in the Internet, Eric Vyncke
16:40  Next steps and action plan for our IPv6 Council
17:00  Social moment