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Snapshot from Knowledge 2022 – ‘The big shortage’ challenge

Listen in as Owen Sweeney from ServiceNow, interviews our own Employee Workflow Expert – Anne Granet, about how the Big Quit has had an impact on the labour market, why she thinks we need to talk more about ‘the big shortage’ and what challenges HR organisations will meet in lack of labour skills in the coming years.

HR needs to transform! The employee-centric approach is the way forward.

Knowledge 2022 – ‘The big shortage’ challenge

Hiring, onboarding, training and re-skilling new employees will be the top focus areas for all HR organisations in the next few years. If you also need to re-design your HR organisation and want to learn more about the platform approach, grab hold of Anne Granet for more input on how ServiceNow can offer an end-to-end process and give a smoother experience for your employees.  

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