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Patrick Crasson – Director of Devoteam Management Consulting

Devoteam has appointed Patrick Crasson as managing partner of Devoteam Management Consulting in Belgium and Luxembourg. Devoteam Management Consulting is a new company within the Devoteam group. Devoteam Management Consulting guides companies in their business transformations from A to Z. The focus is on developing new business models, digitization, increased innovation and achieving better interaction with customers.

In addition to the strategic part, Devoteam Management Consulting also provides the connection with Devoteam Technology Consulting that implements the technologies behind the innovations. As a partner of the CIO, Devoteam ensures that the strategic contribution of IT increases.

Patrick Crasson: “Companies have invested heavily to improve their internal processes, now we want to make them more competitive in a very pragmatic and affordable way. This by increasing their innovative strength, helping them with their digital transformation and change management, showing how to valorize their business data and to collaborate much more easily outside the boundaries of their own organization. Whoever succeeds in this is ready for the future. ”

Patrick Crasson has a wide experience in innovation governance and business transformation. In addition to his management experience in large service companies, he was between 2006 and 2011 responsible for strategic business development at Sun and later Oracle. In 2012 he became managing partner at BeAligned Luxembourg, an independent consultancy firm that improves the alignment between business processes and IT. In addition, he has been managing partner at the consultancy firm BeNovate since 2012, specializing in advice on innovation and digital transformation. From this professional past Patrick Crasson brings along an extensive network of around 250 young, innovative companies. This can help the customers of Devoteam to accelerate their search for radical innovation.

Crasson’s mission is to have Devoteam Management Consulting grow into an entity of 50 experts over the next four years.