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Women Redefining Tech: Tania Gomez and Ine Segers Shine as Nominees for She Goes ICT Awards

In the dynamic landscape of technology, empowered women like Tania Gomez and Ine Segers stand out as catalysts for change and innovation. Both leaders in their respective domains have been nominated for the She Goes ICT awards by Data News, marking their profound influence and commitment to the tech industry.

Meet Tania Gomez: Empowering Diversity in Tech

Tania Gomez, our Cloud Program Manager, has been nominated for the Inclusive Tech Champion Award. Her journey has been characterized by an unwavering dedication to inclusivity and empowerment. Through exceptional relationship-building skills and sincere efforts to promote Women in Tech, Tania has reshaped perceptions and opened doors for diversity within the industry.

Her nomination for the Inclusive Tech Champion Award is a testament to her relentless advocacy and commitment to fostering a more inclusive tech community. Tania’s impact extends beyond her role, serving as an inspiration and driving force for change.

Ine Segers: Redefining Cybersecurity Excellence

Ine Segers, our distinguished Cybersecurity Business Line Manager, stands tall as a nominee for the Leading ICT Lady Award. Her journey is defined by unwavering dedication and unparalleled expertise in the cybersecurity realm. Ine’s commitment has not only significantly influenced Devoteam but has also left an indelible mark on the wider industry. Her nomination recognizes not only her pioneering efforts in setting new standards of excellence but also her instrumental role in encouraging and empowering women to thrive in the tech world.

Ine’s impact extends far beyond her remarkable accomplishments in cybersecurity. She embodies a beacon of inspiration, actively welcoming and supporting women to join and excel in tech careers. Her nomination for this award not only celebrates her exceptional contributions but also signifies a commitment to fostering inclusivity and opportunity for women in the ever-evolving landscape of technology.

Celebrating Their Achievements

These nominations aren’t just individual accomplishments; they embody Devoteam’s commitment to innovation, diversity, and excellence within the tech industry. Tania and Ine symbolize the spirit of progress and determination that drive our team forward.

As they vie for these prestigious awards, let’s unite to show our support. Every vote counts toward securing these well-deserved accolades for these exceptional women, showcasing our unity and pride as a team in their outstanding achievements.