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Microsoft Azure to improve logistics and order control of a leading car manufacturer

The snapshot


Creating a sustainable Microsoft Azure cloud architecture


Providing a real time stock data of cars available at European level


Facilitating the control and monitoring of new orders

The challenge

The company is one of the most important car manufacturers in the world, with factories and offices distributed throughout five continents. 

One of the company’s biggest challenges was being able to rely on highly accurate data, based on real time stock flows, and to place orders whatever the location of the factory. But most importantly, Devoteam had to make sure the new tool would connect with the legacy system of logistics and order control.

The solution

By leveraging Microsoft’s powerful cloud technology, Devoteam managed to implement a Rest API which kept consistency with existing tools. Choosing this approach was critical due to the backward compatibility with the legacy system AS400.

Within just nine months, the solution successfully provided an efficient tool to gather data related to sales and customers.

The better change

A customer centric approach via a golden record associated with each client

Improving time to control stock whatever the location of the factory or office

Collecting a unified set of customer data throughout the different systems