A pragmatic approach to cloud adoption

Including Azure Cloud Adoption Framework

There are many paths that you can take to benefit from cloud adoption. What do the cloud adoption journeys look like and what is the best pragmatic approach for your situation? In this webinar, we covered the most important questions regarding cloud adoption. Why is it for example not an IT-only party? What are the people, process and technology aspects of a successful cloud adoption? And what are the shortcuts and caveats on the way to a joyful cloud adoption?

But also if you are already in the cloud, does it look like a transparent and governed solution? Or have you heard about the benefits that cloud could bring, but don’t know where to start from? Register now to learn about the answers.

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Besides the high-over approach, we also talked about the practical aspects of the journey, from a People, Process and Technology point of view.

  1. How to access and rationalize your current cloud state and ambitions?
  2. What does the Microsoft-recommended cloud adoption journey look like?
  3. What are the components of a Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF)?
  4. What are the guidelines for cloud architecture and what is a Well Architected Framework? How do you put this together using the Enterprise Landing Zone?
  5. What are the prerequisites for deployment and operation of the Enterprise Landing Zone?

After viewing this webinar, you will have a starting point for discussing and planning a successful cloud adoption with your peers and you will get tooling inspiration to identify your current cloud maturity level and the next steps in your cloud journey. You will also get an overview of the available solutions and documentations regarding proper cloud adoption.