Citizen Development

Experts make the difference

Every company has it, but no one wants to talk about them: applications that often only serve a single purpose, are way too expensive to develop, need a lot of time for updates – and ultimately are hardly used by their own employees. But why is this the case? Quite simply – the target group, i.e. the users, are rarely involved in the development process. But this does not have to be the case!

The citizen development approach turns employees into co-developers. Together with IT experts, they work on their own applications that offer real added value for subject matter experts from the respective departments. Meanwhile, the IT department has time for the essentials: driving your company’s digital transformation forward. Does a head start through innovation? More than just an empty phrase with Citizen Development!

Learn in our whitepaper what’s behind the Citizen Development approach, what role your subject matter experts play in it, how your IT enables the maximum of available resources and time, and how you can design an app store for your company. Because dusty and expensive applications were yesterday. Your employees are actively shaping the future – and developing a custom-fit solution for every problem!

Our whitepaper “Citizen Development – Experts make the difference!” is now available for download. 

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DE –> Webinar: Citizen Development – Ein Tool für die Zukunft

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