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How can you protect yourself against ransomware attack?

Did you know… experts estimate that the cost of ransomware for companies could reach 11 billion dollars this year?

Among the many means used by attackers to perform this attack, there are:

  • Unsolicited e-emails with apparently legitimate attachments and links
  • Use of outdated software to browse the Internet
  • Notifications concerning access restrictions to devices or files until a certain amount is paid
  • Pop-ups appearing constantly due to malware, accompanied by an indication that the problem can be solved by installing of a software
1. Pay attention and protect yourself, minimizing the likelihood of being caught in this scam
  • Always have your firewall enabled
  • Backup your data regularly to a secure storage
  • Use a security software with real-time detection programs
  • Set your anti-malware to analyse your system regularly and detect malware before it is enabled
  • Keep your security software updated, setting all update settings to automatic
2. In case you are a victim of ransomware
  • Recover your data backup
  • Avoid paying the ransom so that you don’t encourage subsequent attacks against you or others
  • Go to a cybersecurity specialist for advice before you act

3. Remove the identified threat

  • Use the security software tool that is specific to this purpose, although 100% effectiveness is not guaranteed
  • As a last resort, reset your operating system and turn on your device