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Use Azure Purview for your data governance

Companies are accumulating more and more data within their IT systems. These data can become powerful accelerators of growth if they are skillfully exploited. For this, it is obvious that data governance must be implemented through an appropriate technological solution. Azure Purview addresses this need and offers comprehensive and advanced capabilities to help organizations manage and analyse their data.

Data governance: challenges and constraints

The objective of collecting and using the data is to optimise this key resource by complying with the regulations in force. The establishment of a reference framework defining the duration of data retention, collection procedures and internal responsibilities is then essential to set up data governance.

Once in place, the challenges of this data heritage are to offer a better quality and understanding of the resources collected. It must also generate a more structured organisation of data so that teams can find it more easily. To process all this data, organisations must also comply with the regulation (GDPR)and therefore implement the traceability of information sources, in particular by documenting the origin of data and controlling access.

Moreover, data governance requires increased vigilance in terms of information security and the implementation of a strong risk management policy. Given the volume of data and the large number of business users operating the database, the risks of data theft or theft are real. In addition, data security must operate at all levels of processing: collection, storage, decision, downgrading, etc.

Regulations may require the storage of data in the country of origin and non-foreign servers.

The Azure Purview Solution: Overview

Azure Purview is a data governance solution that centralizes and manages a large volume of information. This solution also allows you to manage your resources locally, on multi-cloud and on SaaS. It offers customers the ability to create a data catalogue as a unified map of their resources. 

In this catalogue, the data are classified and traced, especially those which are regarded as sensitive. Users can therefore easily find the information they are looking for. Each of the company’s data is closely monitored with a detailed history of the actions carried out in the database and the access rights acquired. The many features of this tool make it possible to automate and manage data, to classify it easily thanks to the integrated and customisable sorting options.

The benefits of Azure Purview 

Your company faces different challenges. You must ensure the controlled exposure of your data and in particular sensitive data while ensuring the proper use of this data.

You must also have a complete view of your data catalogue while meeting the requirements for compliance with the regulations in force, in particular by respecting the criteria defined by the CNIL.

You face the following challenges:

  • face a multitude of diverse data, delocalised and constantly evolving, 
  • a volume of data that increases exponentially,
  • an ever-increasing number of business users manipulating and creating datasets
  • use of data that is becoming more democratic,
  • ensure data compliance based on regions, customers or suppliers.

To meet these major challenges, equipping yourself with a governance tool has become essential. Azure Purview was created for just that. This data governance solution allows you to centralize and manage a large volume of data. 

Devoteam M Cloud teams support you in getting started and configuring Azure Purview to better meet the challenges and challenges related to your data projects.