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Distributed Cloud

Devoteam offers a full spectrum of cloud services to help businesses accelerate innovation, enhance agility, streamline operations, and optimise costs. We provide our customers with value through our expertise. This includes setting up cloud roadmaps, building strong cloud foundations, enforcing security and compliance measures. In addition we also assist in modernising and accelerating processes, operating and optimising systems, and enabling innovation and scaling.

To ensure that we deliver the best solutions for our customers, Devoteam works with several top cloud vendors. In our team, our colleagues have a thorough understanding of our customers’ requirements. They leverage this knowledge to provide tailored solutions that meet their unique needs. Therefore, it is essential to have a broad view of the cloud and understand the capabilities of our vendors.

The Scope Of Our Work: An Overview

The distributed Cloud team is responsible for establishing the cloud foundation to enable innovation, application development, and digital transformation for our customers. Therefore, it is crucial to set up the distributed cloud model and architecture correctly.

Fully automated

We use automation technology to maximise customer benefits from the start. Automation is an essential component of our team’s DNA. By adopting this approach, we provide our customers with efficient and seamless solutions that optimise their operations and enhance their overall experience.



For optimal performance, we focus mainly on cloud-native solutions. By designing and building applications specifically for the cloud, we avoid the need for integrations and unlock new possibilities for scalability and resiliency.


We focus on building and managing infrastructure/platforms, including IaaS, and PaaS, and integrating SaaS solutions for our customers. However, infrastructure goes beyond the technical systems. It serves a purpose, whether it is to host an application or to act as a developer environment.  By collaborating closely with different teams we can meet the needs of customers and end-users.

Enabling multi-cloud

From awareness to innovation, we leverage open source technology to empower our customers with a distributed/multi-cloud environment, including, but not limited to OpenShift.

Due to our overarching approach integrators can seamlessly thread together multiple cloud blocks. 

Through the adoption of a single pane of glass, we empower our customers with unified cost management and universal deployment of business applications, while also enhancing resilience.

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We collaborate with the leading public cloud vendors in the market, enabling us to offer a range of cutting-edge technologies to our customers. Work with Top Partners 

We collaborate with the leading public cloud vendors in the market, enabling us to offer a range of cutting-edge technologies to our customers.

Discover the Opportunities Within Our Team

There are several career opportunities within the Distributed Cloud team, Ranging from specialisation to co-building. We welcome anyone with an open-mind and a passion for technology to dive into infrastructure, multi cloud, or security.

Our team fosters a spirit of knowledge sharing and relies on a broad understanding of cloud and automation.

Cross-collaboration with other practices

The distributed cloud team collaborates with other teams at Devoteam, such as application development, data & AI, and cybersecurity, to deliver successful projects and maximize customer value.

Working together with international high-profile companies 

Our team is characterised for their strong enthusiasm for technology, their solid partner relationships, and in-depth product and vendor knowledge. This allows us to work on impactful projects that maximise the customer’s business.


Our approach involves investing in people through self-training and providing young individuals with interesting projects to build specialisation and gain knowledge in aspects such as automation / containers / cloud (AWS|Azure|GCP|…), resulting in a mutually beneficial situation.


– Connect with Amazing People

Example training tracks

We establish career paths based on individual strengths, and develop a personal growth trajectory with our team members, taking their talents and interests into account. We help our employees grow.

These training tracks are build on our credo: “automating cloud-native infrastructure”

Fully automatedCloud-nativeInfrastructure
Open source training trackAnsibleOpenShiftOn-premise datacenter
Microsoft training trackTerraformKubernetesAzure & GCP
AWS training trackTerraformROSAAWS

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At Devoteam, you’ll have perks that will put you in the best position to find success in your career and personal life. What’s life like at Devoteam?

Thrive with supportive management 

The doors of our managers and CEO are litterally open to everyone

Making a positive impact 

Build the future of tomorrow and join one of our volunteer days

Find your balance with a friendly work life 

Get the flexibility you are looking for in your life and career

Become the best version of yourself with fast career development 

Follow your own growth path at a pace that suits you

Make a difference through impactful projects 

Work for the biggest companies thanks to our partnerships with top tech companies

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