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Devoteam partners up with Camunda

We are thrilled to announce that we partnered up with Camunda, an open source software company innovating process automation with a developer-friendly approach that is standards-based, highly scalable and collaborative for business and IT.

Devoteam Belgium is now able to call itself “System Integration Partner” for Camunda. Inside our offer Business Process Excellence, we work on creating optimisation programs and realising automation projects. With a focus on business processes and knowledge worker tasks, BPM and BPMN are core tools in process driven automation.

Camunda provides help during

  • the analysis phase
  • the realisation phase of automating the models inside their engine
  • the continuous improvement cycle via their optimisation features based on business KPIs

The company has a dedicated ‘Learn Camunda’ page that provides plenty of resources to self-study the software.

“To provide performance driven transformation; using the right tool for the right job is a must, our partnership with Camunda gives us the capabilities needed to aid our customer in their day to day jobs.”

Stefan Lodewijckx
Business Line Manager Business Process Excellence at Devoteam Belgium