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Devotopias – What future are we shaping with technology?

Devoteam launches Devotopias, a European prospective survey to understand what our future could and should be. Contributions are open until the 10th of November.

We are entering a new decade full of uncertainties. Massive technological changes are impacting our lives and society, for better or for worse. Today is only the beginning. The future is not yet set, we can still work on designing a world we would all want to live in tomorrow.

At Devoteam we believe in technological progress as long as it includes human values, and generates positive impact and meaningful change.

We have put together 20 predictions we would like you to individually assess. Joining our views will help us build a better collective picture of our possible future. We will openly share with you the gathered results.

Thanks in advance for your time – 15 to 20 minutes are necessary to give your opinion by answering the survey – or any further contribution.

It’s opened to everyone. The more respondents the better. Do not hesitate to share it.