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Digital Identity 2019: come and see us to discuss IAM

Devoteam invites you to the Digital Identity 2019 summit on November 19 in Brussels. IAM expert Olivier Naveau will present a B2B case, enlightening you about the support of modern productivity tools in an ABAC deployment scenario. A use case of an insurance company going for innovation and digital transformation, whilst protecting the company’s core assets.

A lot of insurance companies are predominantly doing business through their broker network. In the context of Digital Transformation, the case we will present is of an insurance company that provides productivity tools to their brokers. Based on this use case, Devoteam will present its vision. Digital identity, including its credentials and authorizations, is at the core of digital transformation. It allows for modern communication channels to be integrated and sustained, and at the same time remaining protective of the company’s core assets.

Innovation and digital transformation in insurance

Innovation and digital transformation are at the heart of this insurance company’s digital agenda. Not just any innovation or digitalisation. The company aims for innovations that add value for their customers and make brokers’ lives easier. They created an application especially developed for insurance brokers, which can calculate the price to insure a car or a house in real time, based on a photo, a location and other relevant parameters.

Another use case was requested by the company’s customers. They wanted to access the financial status of their life insurance, like the branches 21 or 23, at all times and not just at the end of the year. So, the insurance company implemented and supported the access to the ‘mybroker’ application of Portima for their policy holders. Policy holders can now check their ‘account’ whenever they like. That’s why the insurance company had to set up an infrastructure capable of integrating the different kinds of access and guaranteeing security for all stakeholders.

To do that, the company chose to work with Forgerock AM, Devoteam being their setup and delivery partner.

Within the implementation process, the first step focussed on the authentication of end-users, the second on authorization based on security profiles. Indeed, access levels differ depending on the user and his/her job.

Would you like to know more about how to securely manage the Identity and Access Management of employees and/or clients for your applications? Come and visit us at Digital Identity 2019 on November 19. Or mail us, and we’ll come to you to tell you all about it!